Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Have You Done This?

This seems like it has been a very long week with only depressing news, so thank you, Randy, for bringing on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. 🙂

Here is our challenge for this week – and it’s a meme, which I love!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible music here) is to:
1)  Another “Have you done this?” meme was going around Facebook this past week.  Let’s do it!!

Here is the list:

1)  Driven 100 mph : Definitely not.

2)  Ridden in a helicopter: Never.

3)  Gone zip lining: Nope!

4)  Been to an NFL game: No.

5)  Been to Canada: Yes, to Vancouver several times, New Brunswick, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia.

6)  Visited Florida: Yes, both for vacation and to the cruise port

7)  Visited Mexico: Yes, I actually lived in Mexico for a year – 1976-1977 – and taught third grade at a bilingual school there. I’ve also visited several times on cruises to the Mexican Riviera.

8)  Visited Vegas: Yes, many times.

9)  Eaten alone at a restaurant: Yes, but not many times.

10)  Ability to read music: No.

11) Ridden a motorcycle: No.

12)  Ridden a horse: Yes, when we vacationed at my grandparents’ cottage on Little Sebago Lake, Maine, a summer highlight was going for a horseback ride.

13)  Stayed in a hospital: Yes, to give birth, have a kidney stone zapped and to have my gall bladder out.

14)  Donated blood: Yes, I’m O negative, the universal donor.

15)  Been snow skiing: Yes, on a high school trip to Kitzbuhl, Austria. I don’t even like snow, but I wasn’t missing out on a trip to Europe. Total for the week included r/t airfare, food, lodging was $250!

16)  Been to Disney World or DisneyLand: Yes, Disneyland when my son was small.

17)  Slept outside: No.

18)  Driven a stick shift: Yes. I took lessons when Dave and I got married because he had a stick shift and thought I needed to know how to drive it in case of an emergency. I took lessons, hated it and never drove his car!

19)  Ridden in an 18 wheeler: No.

20)  Ridden in a police car? Yes, when I was 7 years old. My parents would probably be reported to Child Services today or even arrested for child endangerment! I was attending the YWCA summer day camp. Mom took me on Gray bus #3 to downtown Passaic to teach me how to get there and home again for the week. In the afternoon, I was to take Gray bus #3 home again and it came at 3:00 p.m. All went well for the first couple of days, but then we went to Garrett Mountain on a field trip and we got back late! I ran down the hill to the bus stop, but I knew it was gone and, although I knew the way home – it was a straight route across Lexington Avenue to my street corner – it was a long walk (close to 2 miles) home. However, I had also been taught to ask a policeman for help if I needed it and there was one walking his beat downtown. I went up to him, told him I missed my bus home because camp got out late, I was 7 years old and lived at 49 Summer Street. He called the station and they sent another policeman in a car and he drove me home! Mom had forgotten one important detail when she told me about taking bus #3 home – another one would come if I missed the 3:00!!!

21)  Driven a boat: Yes. Both my grandfather and my uncle had boats (on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH and Little Sebago Lake, Maine), and I drove them, but not often.

22)  Eaten Escargot: Not ever to be found on my plate!

23)  Been on a cruise:  Yes – many to Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Caribbean, British Isles, Scandinavia and Mediterranean. We have also done several transatlantics.

24)  Run out of gas: Never.

25)  Been on TV: Yes, on Bozo the Clown in New York City when my brother was little. Mom said I had to sit with him.

26)  Eaten Sushi: Never!

27)  Seen a UFO:  No, not even in Roswell, New Mexico!

28)  Been Bungie jumping: No.

29)  Visited another continent: Yes – Australia, Europe, Africa, South America

30)  Been to Ellis Island?  Yes, several times. My kindergarten field trip was to the Statue of Liberty, but the historical part of Ellis Island wasn’t open back then. We visited in 1980 when Dave and I vacationed and visited family on the East Coast.

This was a fun SNGF topic!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Have You Done This?”

  1. Love your police car story. What we used to be allowed to do when we were young such as walking to school and the library when I was 5-7. Somehow we all got scared for our children.

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