Help Needed – What Type of Uniform Are These Young Ladies Wearing?

This photo is the latest of my rescued orphan photos, but I need some help.

Livermore Falls, Maine, Early 1900s?

Given the ladies’ outfits and the style of the cabinet card, I think this picture was probably taken in the early 1900s. The high necks on the blouses and big bows were in vogue then.

Here is my question – they are all wearing the same type of hat. Why? Were they graduating from nursing school? Or??? Maids? Nannies?

Any other guesses? I’d love to know why they were all dressed alike.

This photo will be going home to the Livermore Falls Historical Society. Another photo saved from oblivion. 🙂



One thought on “Help Needed – What Type of Uniform Are These Young Ladies Wearing?”

  1. The hats looked like servants’ hats. Perhaps they all worked for a wealthy homeowner or perhaps a hotel? At the time of this photo (late 1800s to early 1900s), Livermore Falls was home to quite a few paper factories (and their wealthy owners).

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