Family Sketch and Will of Joses Bucknam, 1694, Middlesex, MA

A few days ago, I wrote about Jose Bucknam who married Hannah Peabody and died in 1757 in Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

His father, also Joses Bucknam, died in 1694 and also left a will. It is quite lengthy and not as easily deciphered as his son’s will, so it has taken me a bit longer to transcribe it.

Today’s Joses Bucknam was born 3 July 1641 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, the son of William Bucknam and Sarah Knower.

Joses Bucknam married (1) Hannah Knower, daughter of George Knower and Elizabeth (MNU), with whom he had three children and (2) Judith Worth, daughter of Lionel Worth and Susanna Whipple. Judith went on to marry (2) Captain John Lynde, c1699. Judith was the mother to nine more of Joses’s children.


1. Joses, born January 1666/67, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 5 April 1741, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Hannah Peabody, 24 February 1690/91 in Topsfield, Essex, Massachusetts
2. Hannah, born August 1669, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; living when her father wrote his will on 10 April 1694; married Mr. Tuttle, before 10 April 1694
3. Elizabeth, born probably 1671-1673; died after 1729; married John Mellens, before 10 April 1694

4. Samuel, born April 1674, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 3 July 1751, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Deborah Mellen, 22 September 1697, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
5. Judith, born 7 August 1676, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died after 31 March 1759, when a court document indicates she waived her widow’s thirds to accept the yearly maintenance provided in Thomas Blanchard’s will; married (1) Zachariah Hill, c1700 (2) Thomas Blanchard, intentions filed 20 January 1725/26, Malden, Essex, Massachusetts
6. Sarah, born c1678; died 24 December 1761, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Richard Dexter, 23 February 1697/98, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
7. John, born c1680, named after Samuel in the will, so likely younger than him; died 13 January 1714, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
8. Susanna, born 8 August 1685, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 9 September 1707, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
9. William, born 12 February 1688, Malden, MIddlesex, Massachusetts; died before his father wrote his will on 10 April 1694
10. Mary, born c1690; died after 23 September 1759, when she was the widow named in the probate file of her husband; married Deacon Daniel Green, 29 December 1708, Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
11. Edward, born 22 March 1691, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 14 May 1773, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Rebecca Sprague, c1717
12. Lydia, born 24 March 1695, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts; died 28 August 1775, Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts; married Jonathan Green, 15 November 1715, Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Will of Joses Bucknam Senr., 1694
Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate File #3391
Source: American Ancestors

I Joses bucknam senr of malden in ye county of middlesex beeing weake in boddy: but Through gods Goodnes sound in memory and understanding: doe make And ordain This my last will and Testament: In order and form as followeth First I commit my Soul into the mercyfull hands of god as a Reconsiled? father unto me; In Jesus Christ my Redemer: and I commit my boy to the Earth To be buried after a decant manner: And for Such Esteat as God Hath Give me: I Thus dispose of it: After all my Just debts and funerall Charges are discharged:
my will is that my loving wife Jude Shall have The improvement of all my wholl esteate: both in maldon and charlestown: exepting the lot called (rowes?) lot And That peice of meddow next to Thomas mitchals land: for her one use and for The bringing up of my children so long as shee Remains in my name: And if my wife sees cause to marry: Then my will is That Shee Shall Have one Third of the Incum of my housing and lands: which Shee did Improve- – – – –
Itim: I give unto my son Joses bucknam that peece of Land caled Rowes lot he paying the Remaining of the purches which is due to John Row: To him and his Haires forever: Also I give unto my son Joses Half that meddow and land That Lyeth below Rowes Lot: To him and his haires forever Speedely after my youngest child is broft up To the age of Eighteen years: – – – – – –
Itim I Give unto my Son Samuell my dweling hous and barn and the foure accers of land It Stands on: and my twenty acere Lot And six aceres of Land adjoining to ye twenty accers buting To the homstead so as it my Reach to the (?) for ye benifit of watring And that Marsh and meddo called dadyes meddo Both (?) and Salt: to him and His haires forever: – – – – –
Item I give To my son John The Remaining part of that land called Johnsons Land And Smiths land: that Is not allredy disposed of and that Land called Haidens lot and the Rest of the land Adjoining to it: and the other half of the Land and meddow that Lyeth below Rowes lot: To him and his haires forever:———
Item I Give unto my Son Edward all the land and meddow that was to ther knowers & meddo Lying next to Thomas mitchals land: To him and his Haires forever – – – – –
further my will is that my Son Samuell hath liberty to Improve or to ocupye upon my Esteate with my wife: and If my Son Samuell never Returns or dye before he possesses his portion then my Son John Shall Suckseed him In his Inheritance: and That portion which I have Given to my Son John Shall be devided between (my?) (?) Sons – Exept Joses —– and my Sons (3 of?) shall fullfill all those (–gagments) which Samuel was bound to by my will
And If my wife doe see cause to marry then my Son Samuell John and Edward Shall Enter upon their portions as they com to the age of one and twenty years
Further my will Is that my Executors Shall have Liberty to Improve five acceres of land The wholl breadth of the feeld for foure years after my deseace: further my will Is that all my commen priveleges Shall be Equely devided between my two Sons Samuell and John
Itim I Give To my daughter Hanah Tuttle Twenty Shilings In or as money to be paid her by my Executors Speedely after my youngest child atains to the eage of eighteen years The Reson why I give her no more Is: because She had her mothers portion which was my Esteate: and is more then I can give to any other of my daughters by ten pounds:
Itim: I Give unto my daughter Elizebath Melen forty pounds with what Shee hath Had allredy to be paid her by my Executors within ten years after my deseas The one half in or as money: the other half In comon pay: She hath had alredy twenty five pounds of as doe (upon?) one my book: —–
Itim: I Give unto my daughter Jude forty pounds to be paid by my Executors ye one half In or as money at her day of marrig: the other half In common pay within ten years after:
Itim I give unto my daughter Mary forty pounds to be paid by my executors the one Half In or as money at her day of mairig the other half in common pay within Ten years after:
Itim I give unto my daughter Susana forty pounds to be paid by my Executors the one half in or as money at her day of marrig the other half in common pay with ten years after.
And If my wife be now with child and It Liveth tell it be of eage: It Shall have Equell proportion with the Rest of my daughters – paid by my executors

I doe make my loving wife Jude and my Son Samuell Bucknam Executrix and Executor of this my Last will and Testament
Further my will is that my son John Shall pay A proportion of legecies Acording to the estate I give him: And if my wife doe marry before all ye aforesaid legecies be paid then she Shall be quit of that part That is Remaining
whereunto I set my hand and Seall this 11 day of august 1694:

Joses Bucknam (seal)

Signed Sealed and published
In ye presents of:
John Grantin?
Phineas Pham?
Joseph Boldwin

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