Ancestor Count for 2020

UPDATED: Thank you, Randy Seaver for catching my typo in Dave’s Generation 11 totals. I’ve corrected it!

Somehow, January flew by and I forgot to compile my ancestor statistics for 2019. I know I’ve made progress on some early generations in both my and my husband’s family trees.

Dave’s Ancestor Count

Considering the number of ancestors still undiscovered versus the possible record sets available, small progress is positive progress!

2019 was an excellent year as I was able to document one new 3X great grandparent, one 4X great grandparent, nine 5X great grandparents (!!!) and one 10X great grandparent in Dave’s family tree for an increase of 12 previously unidentified ancestors.

Considering his ancestors all took off for the frontier and burned counties, 12 new additions to the family tree is more than respectable progress.

Linda’s Ancestor Count

My ancestor count has made even more gains, although I can’t take much credit for that. Instead of heading out west, my ancestors stayed put in New England, land of many vital records and home to professional journals like the New England Historic Genealogical Society’s The Register, which publishes scholarly works.

Along with the benefit of having my ancestors as subjects of these scholarly projects, I also followed several online hints and then determined myself through my own research whether or not new family relationships had been proved.

I now have two new 5X great grandparents, five new 7X great grandparents, ten new 8X great grandparents, 23 new 9X great grandparents and  12 new 10X great grandparents! That makes 52 newly identified ancestors in my own family tree.

2019 was a very successful research year for me. Having said that, I sincerely doubt that next year’s ancestor count will show anywhere near these gains.

Oh well, I can only hope – and work hard!




5 thoughts on “Ancestor Count for 2020”

  1. Is your generation 11 number wrong? It says 4, but then your generation 12 is 32. You should have at least 16 in generation 11 to have 32 in generation 12. I’ll bet its 24 or 34 or 44.

  2. I love how you did the chart! You, Linda and Randy Seaver amaze me with the Records etc…

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