The ABCs of Ancestral Occupations

Work is part of everyone’s daily life, at least until we reach retirement age.

Have you tallied up the ABCs of your ancestors’ (both direct line and collateral) and your current family occupations? How many letters of the alphabet can you use? It’s okay to stretch and name places where they worked and official job titles. My list is a combination of both my and my husband’s family trees. Have fun with this!

A – Army officer – Johannes Jensen
B – Boat Builder –  Calvin Segee Adams
C – Cook – Mary Kacsenyak Kucharik
D – Delivery Driver for family meat market – George Kucharik-Sabo
E – Electrical engineer – David Stufflebean
F – Farmer – Thomas Coleman
G – Granite quarry owner – George Rogers Tarbox
H – Homemaker – Most of the women! – Mary Scripture Tarbox
I – Indian trader – John Perkins
J – Jailer – Frits William O.E. Jensen-Johnson
K – Keeper of the Pound – James Astle
L – Linen master weaver – Nils Molin
M – Master Mariner – Hartwell Coleman
N – Nurse-midwife – Nellie Tarbox Adams
O – Office manager – Doris Adams Sabo
P – Purchasing agent – George Sabo
Q – Quilter – Minnie Mae Williams Brasher
R – Regional manager for Western Union – Vernon Adams
S – Shoemaker – Johan Caspar Sandberg
T – Tug boat captain – William Coleman
U – Undertaker – Jim and Noble Stufflebean
V – Volunteer for the Red Cross – Hazel Coleman Adams
W – Watchman for the railroad, Stephen Kucharik
X – ?
Y – Yeoman (farmer who owned his own land) – Walter Stewart
Z – ?

I have no one who has worked with x-rays or zoo animals, but I’ve covered all the rest of the letters.


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