Shadrack Oakley, Cumberland Co. VA Slaves/Estate Division 1848

While researching Williams records in Cumberland County, Virginia, I came across the papers for the  estate division of Shadrack Oakley, filed with the court on 22 May 1848.

Since this is only 17 years before the end of the Civil War, perhaps a descendant of one of these slaves will gain some valuable family information.

Cumberland County, Virginia
WB 2: 346-347

We the undersigned Commissioners being appointed by the County Court of Cumberland at the March term of said court to make distribution of the funds in the hands of Hez Ford adminr of Shadrack Oakley decd taking into consideration the advancements made by decedent in his lifetime and also the division of the Slaves made by commissioners in December last have this day proceeded to discharge the duties of us required as follows. We find from the best information that we can get the following advancements made by Shadrack Oakley to his Children that is to Josias Meador in right of his wife
a negro girl worth $250.00
Jordon Oakley a negro girl worth $250.00
Cash $5.00
Martha P. Winfree a negro girl worth $250.00
Frances Oakley a negro boy worth $300.00
Cash $40.00
Asa Oakley a woman worth $375.00
William Oakley cash $110.00
negro girl Patience by commissioners in Dec 1847 $25.00
Thomas Oakley cash $50.00
negro girl Ellen by commissioners $150.00
Phebe Oakley negro girl Rozetta by comrs in Dec 1847 $200.00
Total = $2240.00

value of slaves by Commissioners in Decr & divided by them $3475.00
Amt in the hand of the admor H. Ford on settlement of his account $1030.94
Amount of personal estate $6745.94

To each Legatee upon equal division $843.24
Account of distribution as follows

Josias Meador
Advancement $250
negro boy Simon by division in December last $350
Total – $600.oo
Amount to pay $243.24
amt due in equal division $843.24

Martha P. Winfree
Advancement $250.00
Mary & child by division in December last $500.00
Total = $750.00
amount to pay $93.24

Phebe Oakley
Advancement $200.00
Racheal & child by division in December last $300.00
Total = $500.00
amount to pay  $343.24
amount $843.24

Jordon Oakley
advancement $255.00
negro man James by division in Decr last $550.00
Total = $805.00
Amt to pay $38.24
amount $843.24

Frances Oakley’s heirs
Advancement $340.00
Monies by Division in December last $375.00
Total = $715.00
admor to pay $60.74
Asa Oakley to pay $58.50
amount $843.24

Thomas Oakley
advancement $200.00
Albert by division in December last $400.00
Total = $600.00
amount to pay $243.24
amount $843.24

William Oakley
advancements $260.00
Caroline by division in December last $400.00
Total = $810.00
Asa Oakley to pay $33.26
amount $843.24

Asa Oakley advancements $385.00
Henry by division in Decr last $550.00
Total = $$735.00
To pay Frances Oakley’s heirs $58.50
to pay Wm Oakley 33.26 91.76
Amount $843.24

whole amount $6745.94

All of which we respectfully report this 11th day of April 1848
Jno P. King
Saml Booker
F.H. Booker
B.H. Walton

At a Court held for Cumberland county the 24th day of April 1848 This Report of the Division of the Estate of Shadrack Oakley decd was presented in Court and Ordered to lie for exceptions till next Court and at a Court held for said County the 22nd day of May 1848 The same was again presented in Court and no exceptions being filed thereto Ordered to be recorded.

B.B. Woodson C



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