Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Were Your Ancestral Families in the 1950 US Census?

Randy Seaver has issued the challenge for this weekend’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun:

1)  The 1950 United States Census release to the public is just over two years away (on 1 April 2022).  

2) Who in your ancestral families will be in the 1950 census?  Where will they be residing,  What occupations will they have?  The official “date” was 1 April 1950.

I wasn’t around yet in 1950, but I am positive where my ancestral families were living at the time of that U.S. census.

A. My paternal grandfather had passed away in 1936, but Nana owned the house where I grew up in Passaic, New Jersey at 49 Summer Street. My parents lived downstairs, while my grandmother lived upstairs.

Julia Sabo, age 57, born New Jersey, homemaker
George M. Sabo, 24, born New Jersey, purchasing agent
Doris A. Sabo, 27, born Maine, homemaker

My father was an only child, so there are no siblings to be found.

B. My maternal grandparents were living at 17 Paul Revere Road, Needham Heights, Massachusetts.

Vernon T. Adams, age 51, born Maine, Western Union manager
Hazel C. Adams, age 49, born Maine, homemaker

My Aunt Barbara and Aunt Carole were still at home in 1950 and were living with my grandparents.

C. My Nana’s mother, Anna (Murcko) Scerbak, born in Hajtovka, Slovakia in 1872, was still living in 1950. However, she returned to Udol, Slovakia many years before so wouldn’t have been enumerated in the U.S. census.

My extended family is very small, so that covers my living direct line ancestors.

Thanks, Randy, for this week’s challenge.

One thought on “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Where Were Your Ancestral Families in the 1950 US Census?”

  1. I indeed see that you have a shorter list, even shorter than mine. And you’re actually from Passaic also!

    You can tell that we’re getting ready for the 1950 census, though. Steve Morse and Joel Weintraub are going around to different societies talking about their One-Step tools!

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