Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your 2020 Plans/Goals/Resolutions for Your Genealogy Research

It’s the first Saturday of the New Year, which means it’s also the first Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaver in 2020.

Here is our first challenge for the new decade:

1)  It’s the New Year, and many readers have already made resolutions, or goals, or plans for one or more tasks or projects.  Or they haven’t yet, but could or should.

2)  For this SNGF, please tell us what plans you’ve made, or what goals you’ve stated, or what resolutions you’ve averred for 2020.  Writing them down may help you achieve them.  Do one or more as you wish.

I reviewed my 2019 goals and put forth several new ones for 2020 in a post last week, but here is a summary of my 2020 resolutions:

  1. Continue to give back to the genealogy community, through teaching my Anquestors class (now 9 1/2 years old), volunteering with Sun City Vistoso Genealogy Society, finding homes for orphaned EBay vintage photos and offering help and tips to those who contact me.
  2. Make a new attempt at the mind-numbingly boring task of renaming images and reattaching them in new family trees. 2020 may be the year since I was on quite a roll in the fall before we left on our cruises to New England and then Hawaii. I hope to get started on this tedious job next week after the house has been cleaned and we’ve recovered from the holidays.
  3. Continue to work on brick walls in both family trees. I am really pleased with and inspired by my successes at revisiting long dormant research lines. Not only have I been able to document new information, but my findings provide fodder for blog posts. A double win!
  4. Continue my genealogy education. I am sad that I won’t be at RootsTech 2020 in person this year, although I am a virtual ambassador. However, there are many other conference opportunities and webinars available through which I can extend my genealogical knowledge and skills and I will be taking advantage of many of them.

I have discovered in the short time between my earlier 2019/2020 post and today’s that I need to learn more about the back workings of my blog. There will be more details to come on 16 January, which is Empty Branches’ 6th blogiversary.

Four goals is a very manageable number and I hope to report back in twelve months that pesky goal #2 has been completed, finally!

I wish everyone a (genealogically) prosperous 2020.

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