John Bandy & Lucy Christian, Botetourt County, VA

After all my New England and New York posts, it is time to visit down South! John Bandy, my husband’s 4X great grandfather, was born c1752, likely in Cumberland County, Virginia, as his father, Richard Bandy, is found in records there during this time period. The name of Richard’s wife and John’s mother, is probably Elizabeth.

Family data for the Bandys is a bit sketchy before the American Revolution. John is placed in the family of Richard Bandy simply because Richard was the only Bandy in Virginia and was of an age to have a children born in the 1750s.

The wife of John Bandy is yet another big question mark. Looking online, and even looking in pre-internet publications, John’s wife is named as Lucy Christian. However, I have never, ever seen any proof for this. His wife most likely was Lucy, as John died between 1810 and 1820. The 1820 census contains no entry for John, but Lucy appears as head of household.

If you are a Bandy or Christian descendant and have any clue where the proof is for Lucy’s maiden name, I would love to hear from you.

Lucy was supposedly from Amherst County, Virginia and born c1762.

These counties don’t border each other, but Richard Bandy moved westward to Bedford and Botetourt Counties, so it is possible that John met Lucy as the family passed through. Their first known child was born c1780, so they married c1778-1779.

Here is the next issue in a house of cards. There are 8 children assigned to John and Lucy Bandy. John’s exact year of death isn’t even certain, just that he likely died early in 1820 and he didn’t leave a will. The Botetourt County tax collector seems to have made his rounds from April until June, based on dates recorded on the tax lists. John Bandy appears on the 1820 tax list. However, Lucy Bandy is the head of household when the census taker visited on 7 August 1820. That time span would seem to indicate that John Bandy died perhaps as early as March 1820, if the taxman had good weather, and no later than 6 August 1820, when the census was taken.

No will or probate has been found for John Bandy. That brings an important question to my mind – how does anyone know for sure who John’s children were?

Here are the alleged children of John and Lucy Bandy, all probably born in Botetourt County, Virginia:

  1. Jane, born c1780; died after 1850, possibly back in Botetourt County, Virginia; married Hezekiah Brown, 14 May 1807, Botetourt County, Virginia. This family lived in Botetourt County until the 1830 census and apparently moved to Clinton County, Kentucky before 1840. However, land and probate records there have some early losses. It is thought that Hezekiah died there, but Jane returned to Virginia. Jane was head of household in 1850 in Clinton County with Martha J. Brown, born c1827, Virginia, living with her. There is a Jane Brown her age living in Botetourt County in 1860. The 1860 Jane was not there in 1850.
  2. Martha, born c1781; died after 1830; married William Campbell, 14 May 1806, Botetourt County, Virginia; no further record.
  3. Thomas, born c1783; married Nancy Peery, 7 April 1806, Botetourt County, Virginia; no further record and this man is a mess in online information.
  4. Andrew, born c1784; died 1867, Lawrence County, Ohio; married Rebecca Wooldridge, c1815. These are my husband’s ancestors.
  5. John, born c1790; died after 1870, probably Roanoke County, Virginia; married Barbara Nidey, 10 September 1823, Botetourt County, Virginia.
  6. Mary, born c1792; married Jonathan James, 23 April 1810, Botetourt County, Virginia. this family lived in Bedford County, Virginia. Jonathan reportedly died between 1840-1850.
  7. Richard, born c1795; married Elizabeth Henry, 8 December 1816, Botetourt County, Virginia.
  8. George, born c1796; died April 1880, Gallia County, Ohio; married (1) Celia Sanders, c1825. Whether this couple divorced is unknown. However, Celia, alone, was purchasing property from the Littlejohn family in 1871.

As you can see, there are a lot of holes in this family. If you are a Bandy descendant and can document new information about them, I’d LOVE to hear from you.




5 thoughts on “John Bandy & Lucy Christian, Botetourt County, VA”

  1. I am a Christian (as in surname) descendent:

    William’s son, Israel Christian, immigrated to Virginia in 1726. Perhaps she is descended from him (or maybe his uncle Gilbert Christian, who also settled in Virginia)?

    Incidentally, I found a reference to John Bandy in the book, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia:

    MARCH 19, 1760
    (347) John Bandy, servant of Sampson Mathews. William Moffett, orphan of John Mofiett, chose George Moffett his guardian. Peter Hog, get certificate of good character for practicing law.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

  2. Hello – I live in Indiana. I’m a descendant of John A. Bandy as well (through George Bandy line). An interesting coincidence I find this page because yesterday I embarked on a 12 hours, 450 trip through southern Ohio to find all the headstones and gravesites of those Bandys in our direct line. (I found 5 generations) George Bandy is supposedly buried in a small plot in Walnut County Ohio, I found the cemetery yesterday, literally in the middle of nowhere and practically in someone’s back yard. (Called Clark cemetery, given most of the burials there were of the Clark family) Most headstones are worn away and not lisible, I could not identify George Bandy’s actual resting place. I am surprised to read that George and Cecilia were divorced…this is new to me and something of a shock. Find-a-grave has both George and Cecilia buried together. I am currently wanting to find out more about John Arlen Bandy’s role during the American Revolution. I found something stating he served in “Captain Neeley’s Company”…..but find no information beyond that.

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