Attend RootsTech 2020 with a Virtual Pass!

RootsTech 2020 is now just a month and a half away. Are you wishing, like me, that you could attend the 10th anniversary conference in person, but it’s not a possibility this year?

There is a perfect solution – RootsTech 2020 just announced that the virtual pass will be available again this year.

What is a Virtual Pass?

A virtual pass allows you to watch 30 pre-recorded sessions (NOT live as they are happening) that were part of the RootsTech 2020 sessions at your own convenience from home. These recorded sessions will be posted 2-3 weeks after RootsTech 2020 closes.

What is the cost for a Virtual Pass?

The Virtual Pass costs $120 and you can watch the recordings as many times as you like for 12 months!

To purchase your RootsTech 2020 Virtual Pass, visit the RootsTech website and scroll down to the box highlighting the various types of passes available.

2020 Virtual Pass Classes

More detailed descriptions of the Virtual Pass classes are available on the RootsTech website. 

Resources for Tracing Mayflower Ancestors – Lindsay Fulton, Donald LeClair, Ginevra Morse


One thought on “Attend RootsTech 2020 with a Virtual Pass!”

  1. I paid my fee and still do not have access and have not received any information. Have any of the sessions been posted yet? This is the third time I have inquired. I respectfully request a refund. I haven’t received any information since I paid my fee over 3 weeks ago.

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