Albert Andriesz Bradt/Bratt of Albany, NY 1636/37

Albert Andriesz Bradt, or later Bratt, is one of my husband’s earliest documented ancestor, being his 9X great grandfather. Thanks to a 1948 article in The American Genealogist, written by Donald Lines Jacobus, his descendants are well documented.

Albert Andriesz, as he was called in the introductory paragraph, was a native of Fredrikstad, Norway. Giving the patronymic naming system in Scandinavia, I am assuming that his name would have been Albert Andreassen, or Albert the son of Anders.

Jacobus notes that later Bradt, or Bratt, was added and became his surname.

Albert arrived in New Netherland by 7 November 1637. The log os his ship, The Arms of Rensselaerwyck, survives and notes that on 2 November 1636, there was a severe storm and a baby was born and baptized in England. He was called Stoerm and his mother was Annetie Baernts. This child, who later went by Storm Van der Zee (storm from the sea), was the son of Albert Andriesz Bradt and his first wife, Annetje Barents Van Rotmers.

Albert Andriesz had one brother, Arent Andriesz Bradt, who also settled in Albandy. He married Cataline, daughter of Andriesz de Vos. Arent died before 10 October 1664, leaving a widow and six children.

Church records for Fredrikstad survive only from 1717 onwards, so there is no official record of Albert’s birth or baptism. However, given that his presumed eldest child, daughter Aefje (Eva) was born c1632, and that Albert would have been roughly 25 or so when he married, he was likely born c1605. Albert Andriesz Bradt died in 1686 in Albany County, New York.

Albert Andriesz Bradt married (1) Annetje Barents von Rotmers, c1631. She was likely born c1610 and died probably in early 1662. Albert married (2) Geertruy Pieterse Coeymans, widow of Abraham Pietersz Vosburgh. He and Geertruy divorced on 24 October 1670.

Birth years of children are estimates based on marriage years and births of eldest grandchildren.


1. Aefje, or Eva, was born c1632; married (1) Anthony de Hooges (2) Roeloff Swarthout
2. Barent Albertse, born c1634; married Susanna Dircks, daughter of Dirck Dircksen Mayer and Maritje Post.
3. Storm Albertse Van der Zee, born 2 November 1636, at sea; married Hilletje Lansing
4. Engeltie; born c1638; died before 9 April 1684; married Teunis Slingerlandt. He married (2) Geertje Fondaas, widow of Jan Bicker, 9 April 1684, Albany, New York.
5. Gisseltie, born c1640; married (1) Jan Van Eechelen. He died c1674. (2) Hendrick Willemsz.
6. Dirk; died after 3 March 1683/84 when he conveyed land.
7. Jan, born c1650; married Geesie Jansz aka Dirkse
8. Andriesz, born c1652; married Cornelia Teunisz Verwey

Dave’s line of descent loses the Bradt/Bratt surname quickly, as his direct ancestor is Albert’s eldest daughter, Aefje, or Eva.

  1. Albert Andriesz Bradt/Bratt & Annetje Barents van Rotmers
  2. Eva Bradt/Bratt & Roeloff Swartwout
  3. Eva Swartwout & Jacob Dingman
  4. Johannes Dingman & Geesje Janzen
  5. Eva Dingman & Johannes Stoppelbein
  6. John Stufflebean & Elsie Larrison
  7. Michael Stufflebean & Elizabeth Baker
  8. John Stufflebean & Matilda Jane Peavler
  9. John Henry Stufflebean & Mary Elizabeth Hollen
  10. Earl Marcus Stufflebean & Pearl Lillian Brasher
  11. Edward Earl Stufflebean & Ruby Jewel Sturgell
  12. David Lee Stufflebean


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