Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: What Did Genea-Santa Bring You and Your Family?

Hard to believe, but we are at Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post #52 for 2019!

Randy Seaver has provided one more holiday themed challenge this week:

1)  What genea-gift did Genea-Santa bring you and/or your family this Christmas season?

2)  Tell us in a comment to this blog post, in your own blog post, in a Facebook post, and be sure to leave a link to your post.

Since Genea-Santa knew I am the only genealogy addict in the house, only one genealogy present was left under the tree – for me!

It was a goody, though.

Zmizely Svet Podkarpatske Rusi (The Lost World of Sub-Carpathian Rus) is a collection of over 200 photos taken by Rudolfa Hulky (1887-1961) of the many peoples of Subcarpathia Rus in the early 20th century.

This is exactly the time period in which my Nana was living in Europe, although she was born in New Jersey.

This is a beautiful hardcover book published in Prague in 2019 by the National Library of the Czech Republic – Slavonic Library.

My paternal grandparents were both of Carpatho-Rusyn heritage and I spent time this year researching and writing about various Rusyn customs.

The text, thankfully, is bilingual, in both Czech (which I don’t speak or read at all) and in English.

Genea-Santa couldn’t have brought me any more special gift this year!




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