My Earliest Christmas Holiday Photo

What is the earliest photo you have of yourself taken during the holiday season? I was a bit surprised looking through my own photos because I knew that my parents and grandparents took a lot of pictures of me when I was small. I was the first child for my parents and the only grandchild in the family until I was five years old.

In spite of that, while there were numerous pictures of me in my stroller in the snow and of our Christmas tree each year, the only picture I came across was this one of me with Santa in 1952.

Linda & Santa, 1952

It must have been a bit chilly out, based on my snowsuit. I don’t know exactly where Santa was, but the store most certainly was somewhere in downtown Passaic where we lived. Santa must have done a good job, too, because I have a couple of other photos taken in later years with the exact same Santa Claus.

Santa is very busy tonight, traveling the globe bringing Christmas gifts to children around the world. Children today can follow Santa’s route with NORAD. That’s fun, but not quite the same as wondering when Santa will be coming down our own chimney!


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