Veteran’s Day 2019 – Honoring Those Who Served

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day set aside to honor and thank our veterans. We should all be grateful to each and every serviceman and servicewoman who put their lives on the line to defend freedom.

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While it is important to thank veterans on their national holiday, veterans need our support every day. There are many fabulous charitable organizations which welcome public support, whether it be through volunteer hours, cash donations or other types of support.

If you are interested in supporting a local or national veterans’ organization, I would suggest reading How to Vet a Veterans Charity by Consumer Reports first.

There are a number of organizations and foundations which have excellent reputations. This are not in any particular order:

Fisher House Foundation

Wounded Warrior Project

Disabled American Veterans

Gary Sinise Foundation

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Homes for Our Troops

Your local VA Hospital is another important entity to consider supporting through volunteering and donations.

Thanking a veteran on Veteran’s Day is much appreciated, but supporting veterans year-around is a necessity.

Thank you to all American veterans!


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