Releasing Caroline and Her Children: Alexander, Bill, Lewis and Fanny, Caswell Co., NC 1860

Caroline, an enslaved person, was sold by James Richmond of Caswell County, North Carolina to his daughter, Sally Johnston, also of Caswell County.

This deed may hold the key for a descendant of Caroline, given that the date on it – 17 March 1860 – is just before the start of the Civil War and, more importantly, her four children are named – Alexander, Bill, Lewis and Fanny.

James Richmond to Sally Johnston, 17 March 1860
Caswell County, NC DB JJ:10
Source: FamilySearch

This Indenture made this 17th day of March 1860 between James Richmond of the first part Stephen T. Richmond and George Richmond of the second part and Sally Johnston of the third part
all of Caswell County and state of N. Carolina. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the love and affection which I bear until my daughter Sally Johnson furthermore for and in consideration
of the sum of one dollar to me paid by the said Stephen T. Richmond and George Richmond the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged I Jaimes Richmond in consideration of the premises aforesaid have this day given granted bargained and sold unto the said Stephen T. Richmond and George Richmond the following negro slaves (viz) Caroline Alexander Bill Lewis and Fanny the four last named are children of said Caroline in special trust and confidence that the said Stephen T. Richmond and Geo Richmond shall have and hold the
aforesaid slaves and their increase to the following uses and no other to wit, that the said parties mentioned as aforesaid shall hold and have the said slaves for the sole separate and only benifit of my daughter Sally Johnston during her life without the control of her present husband Thos M. Johnston or any other husband that she may hereafter have or marry but that said parties or trustees may and shall permit my daughter Salley Johnston to possess and ejoy the aforesaid slaves for her sole use and benifit during her life subject to the control of the aforesaid trustees. Should the said Sally Johnston however desire to hier the said negroes or any of them by permission of the aforesaid trustees she may do so taking bond payable to them any any (sic) receipt she may give to the said trustees shall be in satisfaction to them of the amount expressed in the receipt and at the death of my daughter Sally Johnston the said trustees shall convey and set over to the children of the aforesaid Sally Johnston that she may have living at the time of her death all of the aforesaid negroes and their increase and should said children shall have and take such part and portion as their perents would have done should he or she been living In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands & seals the day and date above written.

James Richmond (seal)
S. T. Richmond (seal)
George (his mark) Richmond (seal)
Sally (her mark) Johnston (seal)

T.A. Wiley
W.G. Stephens
North Carolina
Caswell County
The execution of this deed of Gift from James Richmond to Sally Johnston was duly proved in open court by the oath of T.A. Wiley a witness to the same & was on motion ordered to be registered.

Thos W Grover Clk

N. Carolina
County of Caswell} The foregoing deed was duly registered April 13, 1860
A. McAlpin P.R.

It appears that Thomas M. Johnston and wife, Sally, removed to Randolph County, Missouri and were living there in 1870.

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