Friday’s Family History Finds

The best Family History Finds this week:

Family Stories

1866: The Disappointing Deposition of Cordelia Snow by Molly on Molly’s Canopy

A Long Ago Memory Plus a Tip by Ellie on Ellie’s Ancestors

The Whistleblowers by Gordon Harris on Historic Ipswich

Walking in the Footsteps of Italian Ancestors: Return to Potenza on Family Sleuther

Dale Wilson – Was He a POW of the Japanese? by Joy on Joy Neal Kidney

Ephraim DeForest – The Shoemaker and His Ultimate Fate by lgrandy on Atlantic Loyalist Connections

Research Resources

That’s My Yearbook by Rhonda McClure on Vita Brevis

Names of Children Who Died in Residential Schools Released: Now to Find Their Graves and Collect Their Stories by Gail Dever on Genealogy à la Carte

Tech News

Promethease – Limited Time Offer by Lori on Genealogy at Heart

Genetic Genealogy

Finding Jeanie’s Father with DNA: Epilogue by Hazel Scullin on Family Locket

How Contacting DNA Matches Helped Me with My Traditional Genealogy Research by Alice Childs on Family Locket


What Was Happening When Your Ancestor Died? by DiAnn Iamarino on Fortify Your Family Tree

Researching Regina’s Penmanship Award by Marian B. Wood on Climbing My Family Tree

New Family – Descendants of Mary Amelia Rickards by Auntie Jen on Auntie Jen’s Family Trees

Using Tax Records and a Map to Answer a Question by Nancy on My Ancestors and Me

The Worst Crime in Genealogy by Amie Bowser Tennant on The Genealogy Reporter

October 30 x 30 Challenge – Who’s In? by Janine Adams on Organize Your Family History

Look Over Here! How to Focus for Better Genealogy Results by DiAnn Iamarino on Fortify Your Family Tree

Mapping My Ancestral Origins by Matthew Miller on Matt’s Genealogy Blog

Education Is for Everyone

Registration Is OPEN for the Scottish VIC (Virtual Conference) by Christine Woodcock on GeneaWebinars

#ProjectGenealogy Launches on 4 October 2019 by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

Conferences: Different Flavors – How They Work and What to Expect as an Attendee or Speaker by Roberta Estes on DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

Keeping Up with the Times

New Website Preview by Chris Patillo on California Genealogical Society and Library

6 Unique Family Tree Craft Projects to Keep You Busy This Winter on Family History Daily

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