Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Most Frustrating Brick Wall Problem

This week’s SNGF challenge from Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings has been issued!

1)  What is your most frustrating brick wall problem?  Tell us what you want to know and what you have found to date.

For me, it is the lady about whom I have been writing last week and this week – Susannah, the wife of Thomas Burnham of Ipswich, Massachusetts in the 1700s.

I followed up with the plethora of Susannahs and there is a bit more to come next week.

She is a particularly annoying brick wall because I have had some good success finding clues to unknown maiden names while pouring through land deeds, probate files and other court records and building out the FAN club of several other female (MNU) in my family tree. Susannah has proven to be quite elusive, much to my consternation!

I hope that you will follow my short series and leave a comment with any other suggestions you might have. I would so love to know who she was.

Thank you, Randy, for this week’s challenge. I look forward to your weekly SNGF challenges. 🙂


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