Elder Ebenezer Parsons & Lydia Haskell, Gloucester, MA 1700s

Elder Ebenezer Parsons was born 28 January 1682, the son of Jeffrey Parsons and Sarah Vinson. He lived his whole life in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts and was a tanner by trade.

Ebenezer Parsons married four times: (1) Lydia Haskell, 3 February 1704. She was the mother of all his children. (2) Alice Donell, intentions filed on 11 April 1741. Alice married (1) Caleb Norwood, intentions filed September 1708, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. It noted that she was form York, Maine. Alice apparently died soon. (3) Jemima Nelson, 21 December 1742, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. Jemima married (1) William Bennett, 16 January 1707/08, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts (2) John Todd, intentions filed 12 July 1725, Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. Jemima died 25 April 1752. (4) Mrs. Elizabeth Andrews, of Ipswich, intentions filed on 31 October 1754.

Lydia Haskell was born 4 September 1681, the daughter of William Haskell and Mary Browne of Gloucester. She died on 2 October 1734, in Gloucester.

Children (All BMD in Gloucester unless noted):

1. Lydia, born 28 April 1705; died after 15 December 1760 when she is named in her father’s will; married (1) Zerubbabel Allen, 2 July 1728 (2) John Low, intentions filed 27 July 1751. John Low died 7 January 1756 in Gloucester. No further record found of Lydia after her father’s will was written.
2. Ebenezer, born 20 April 1707; died about 3 October 1732, at sea.
3. Jacob, born 22 May 1709; married Sarah Redding, 10 May 1732.
4. Nehemiah, born 27 May 1711; died 18 August 1726
5. Isaac, born 14 June 1714; died 5 July 1767; married Hannah Burnham, 4 July 1739.
6. Moses, born 20 June 1716; died 14 December 1783; married Susanna Davis, 11 January 1742.
7. Eunice, born 7 August 1718; died 20 April 1719.

Of Ebenezer’s and Lydia’s seven children, only Lydia, Jacob, Isaac and Moses survived their parents.

Will of Ebenezer Parsons
Essex County, MA Probate File #20594
Source: American Ancestors

December 15 1760
In the Name of God Amen
I Ebenezer Parsons of the Town of Glocester in the County of Essex in New England tanner being weack in bodey but of perfict mind and memory Thanks be Given to God for it. Calling unto mind the mortallity of my body and knoing that it is appointed for all men once to dye do macke and ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say principally and first of all

I Give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of God that Gave it and my body I Recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian bural at the discretions of my Executors nothing Doubting but at the General Reserrection I shall Receive the Same again by the mighty Power of God: and as touching Such worldy Estate whear with it hath Pleased God to bless me in this Life I Give devise and dispose of the same in the maner and forme following

Imprimis: I Give and bequeath to my wife Elisabeth one hundred Pounds old (?) of my (?) or personal Estate to her one dispose as also one third part of the (?) ment of my Real Estate during Life as also what she brought with her that is not disposed of I Give to my wife the (?) in the Easterly End of my Dwelling hous and to use the oven in the westerly End and to do worck in the (?) as also a rod of Land in the garden and Liberty of the well during my widow

I Give and baqueath to my Sons Jacob and Isaac Parsons whome I constitute mack and ordain Executors of this my Last will and Testement all and singuler my Lands messuges and tenements or RealEstate: except what I Shall hereafter otherwise Dispose of:

I Give to my son moses parsons one third part of my Right in New Glocester as also – Thirty pounds.

as also I Give to my Daughter Lidya Low thirty poundsto be paid them by my Executers out of my Real Estate That is to Say my son Jacob to pay Each of them ten pounds a pierce: and: my son
Isaac to pay to Each of them Twenty pounds a pierce to be paid to them out of Real Estate:

I Give to my Son Isaac this peice of Land on which my house standeth frunting the highway and bounding on the north Easterly Side by william Parsons Land to the Sea and on the southwesterly side by Jacob parsons Land as the fence now standet to the sea with the Buildings or (lodgings?) and fences now upon it to him his heirs and Assigns Not hindring my wife of the privilidges Given to (??) All the Rest of my Real Estate be Eaqually devided beteen my Sons Jacob and Isaac parsons: as to my parsonal or mufeable Estate after my Just debts are paid and funural chargs. to B equally devided among my four Children: Jacob and Isaac and Moses and

Ratifiiing and Conferming this my Last will and Testament in witness wher of I have Hereunto Set my jand and Seal the Day a bove written

Ebenezer Parsons (seal)

Signed Sealed and Delivered to be my Last will and Testamen in presence of us the subscribers
Lieutenant Whittredge
Philemon Parsons
Livermore Whittredge Jnr

One thought on “Elder Ebenezer Parsons & Lydia Haskell, Gloucester, MA 1700s”

  1. This is wonderful. I have never seen this Will until now…
    I’m a descendant of Ebenezer’s son Rev. Moses Parsons and his son Chief Justice Theophilus. Fascinating family history.

    Ebenezer’s son Rev. Moses Parsons delivered the Election Sermon in 1772 before the American Revolution and if you read between the lines and he warns the King not to mess up a good thing, which he has with the American Colonies.

    The world was electric with the beginnings of a new republic ….his sermon echos future woods of the founding fathers….perhaps his son Chief Justice Theophilus Parsons thought of these words while participating in the formation of the government for the United States.

    “….that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

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