William Crabtree & Mary Pike, Baltimore, MD 1700s

There are two remaining generations of Crabtrees to cover and both lived in Baltimore County, Maryland in the section that today is Harford County, for parts of their lives.

William Crabtree was born c1704, likely in Baltimore County, Maryland. He was the son of immigrant William Crabtree and his wife, Jane (MNU), who arrived in Maryland after her husband.

William Crabtree married Mary Pike, 17 February 1724/25, Baltimore County, Maryland. As far as I can tell, the parentage of Mary Pike is unproven.

William and Mary Crabtree were the first of the family to leave Maryland, eventually settling in Washington County, Virginia before the start of the American Revolution.

William died c1774 in Washington County, Virginia. The date of Mary (Pike) Crabtree’s death is unknown, but no later marriages have been found for William, so she may well have also died in Virginia.


1. William, born 22 December 1726, Baltimore County, Virginia; died March 1777, Washington County, Virginia; married Hannah Whitaker, 27 May 1746, Baltimore County, Virginia.
2. Elizabeth, born 5 November 1728, Baltimore County, Virginia; married James Poteet, 10 September 1748, Baltimore County, Maryland. The Poteets settled in Bedford County, Virginia.
3. Mary?, born c1730, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; married William Pike, 9 June 1752, Baltimore County, Maryland.
4. John?, born c1732, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; died c1802, Washington County, Virginia; married (1) Hannah Butcher, 22 April 1755, Baltimore County, Maryland (2) Jemima Cook, c1773.
5. Thomas, born 7 November 1733, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; married Elizabeth Barton, 23 October 1760, Baltimore County, Maryland.

As you can see by the ?, Mary and John are presumed children of William Crabtree because of the time span in which they were born and John’s migration to Washington County, Virginia.

I have seen no evidence that would negate that belief, but as far as I know, no one has found definitive proof that they were children of William, either.

Stay tuned for the post on the immigrant Crabtree ancestor, William who married (1)Jane, in England and sent for her to come to Maryland after he was settled.


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