William Crabtree & Jane (MNU), Immigrant Ancestors of MD Crabtrees

William Crabtree was the immigrant ancestor of the Crabtrees who settled in Baltimore County, Maryland in the early 1700s.

He was likely born in England, c1680 or possibly a bit earlier if he was transported as an indentured servant. It is said that he sent for Jane (MNU) after he settled in Maryland. However, records are silent as to whether he came to Maryland as a young married man or if he married Jane after she arrived in the colonies.

Charlotte Crabtree Fisher was a 20th century researcher of this Crabtree family. Her Crabtree Family Papers are housed at the Utah State University Library. I have not seen this collection, which is quite extensive based on the library finding aid.

However, I am a suspicious type when it comes to genealogical information and my hair immediately stood up on end when the collection description begins:

I have found no documented evidence that William Crabtree hailed form Yorkshire, England. It’s certainly possible, but there is no record out there that I’ve come across supporting that statement.

I’ve also seen information online stating that Jane’s maiden name was Halstead, but again, I’ve seen no proof.

What is a fact is that Thomas Crabtree, son of William, was born in Baltimore County, Maryland on 12 October 1707, so William and Jane were settled in their new home by that date.

William Crabtree died on or before 9 October 1756 in Baltimore County, Maryland, as his will was proved that day in court.

I don’t have the actual images of his will, but here is a transcription:

I, William Crabtree of Baltimore County in the Providence of Maryland, being weak and sick in body, but in perfect sound mind and memory thanks be give to Almighty God, therefore but calling to mind the uncertain state of this transitory life do for the better settlement of my temporal affairs and disposal of such Estate as God has blessed me withal, make and ordain this may last will and testament revoking and therby disannulling all former will or wills, testament or testaments by me heretofore made and herby constituting and appointing this present writing to contain my last Will and Testament, which I make as follows,

Viz: I give and bequeath to my loving wife Jane Crabtree my dwelling plantation with one hundred and fifty acres of land of the Southern most and during her natural life or widowhood that shall first happen then to go to my son, William Crabtree, his heirs and assigns forever.

I likewise give and bequeath unto my loving wife Jane Crabtree one Irish serving lad called Alexander Anderson, during her widowhood then to go to my son William Crabtree,

2nd, I give and bequeath to my son, Thomas Crabtree, one servant man that Samuel Webb owes me, to him and his heirs and assigns.

3rd. I give and bequeath to my son John Crabtree one hundred and fifty acres of land adjoining to where he now lives, being the northeast part to him, his heirs and assigns forever. I also give and bequeath to my son, John Crabtree, one Negro boy called Duke to him, his heirs and assigns forever, but my will is that my son John Crabtree shall pay unto his brother, James Crabtree, Five Pounds current money in goods and chattels. And also unto his brother Samuel Crabtree Five pounds current money in goods and Chattels.

And as for the remaining part of my Estate, personable Estate, my will and mind is that my wife, Jane Crabtree, shall have her equal thirds out of it and the remainder to be equally shared betwixt my five sons, and three daughters, share and share alike without any administration.

I further appoint that my wife, Jane Crabtree, and 5 sons and 3 daughters shall have an equal share in paying all my just debts and burying in a decent manner.

In witness whereof I shall to this present writing containing one side and piece of paper, set my hand and affix my seal the day and year above written.

William (his X mark)  Crabtree
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Thomas Bond, Jacob Bond and Rebecca Pattee

Jane Crabtree reportedly died before 14 Jul 1759, Baltimore County, Maryland.


  1. William, born c1705; died c1767, Orange County, North Carolina; married Mary Pike, 17 February 1724/25, Baltimore County, Maryland.
  2. Thomas, born 12 October 1707, Baltimore County, Maryland; died c1774, Orange County, North Carolina; married Mary Poteet.
  3. Mary, born 29 May 1711, Baltimore County, Maryland; died after her father’s will was written, as he mentions his five sons and three daughters; married John Hayes, 31 October 1727, Baltimore County, Maryland.
  4. Ann, born 15 January 1713/14, Baltimore County, Maryland; married William Wilborn, 21 January 1730/31, Baltimore County, Maryland. The Wilborns settled in Rowan County, North Carolina.
  5. James, born 20 February 1715/16, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. c1784, Washington County, Maryland; married Catherine Dumas.
  6. John, born 5 September 1718, Baltimore County, Maryland; d. 1799; married Margaret (MNU). This family settled in Randolph County, North Carolina.
  7. Elizabeth, born 13 December 1720, Baltimore County, Maryland; married James Billingsley, c1744.
  8. Samuel, born 25 July 1725, Baltimore County, Maryland; died c1776; married Esther (MNU); settled in Talbot County, Maryland.

If you are able to add any documented information to this early Crabtree family, please contact me.


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  1. Are there any photos of this William Crabtree ? I am a Crabtree myself and a descendant of said Will listed above.

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