Are You In for a 30 X 30 Challenge? I Am!

If you follow Janine Adams on her Organize Your Family History blog, then you are familiar with her 30 x 30 challenges. Sometimes, the best laid genealogy plans don’t go as planned and we need a public challenge to get us back on track.

Janine issued an impromptu challenge for August and I joined. I need to backtrack just a bit first, though. She also had a June challenge, which I joined, but failed at miserably because I got a nasty sinus infection and then we were on vacation. I didn’t come close to spending 30 minutes per day on my project.

Most who join the challenge do so because they have trouble carving out time each day to work on genealogy. That isn’t my issue. I spend hours every day working on it. So then, why didn’t I succeed in June?

It’s because my project is renaming and reattaching 15,000+ images to my software program. I decided it had to be done, but it is so darn boring and actively researching is so much more fun, that I need a goal – and a public one is good – to keep me on track.

It’s August 2 and I can proudly say I’ve spent 90 minutes already this month renaming and reattaching images. 🙂 I’ve also written two new blog posts, so I’ve proven to myself that I can get both done in one day.

I definitely don’t want to have to report in on 1 September  and say I again didn’t still with it!!! In fact, I plan to report that I was wildly successful and got hundreds of images completed.

If you also need a goal to set aside time for genealogy in your life, it isn’t too late to join Janine’s latest challenge.


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