Abraham Whitaker & Ann Poteet of MD, 1700s

Today, we continue looking at some early Maryland settlers who are ancestors of my husband.

The Whitaker and Crabtree families settled in the old Baltimore County in the section that today is Harford County, located in the northeastern corner of the state.

Abraham Whitaker was born 19 September 1702 in St. George’s Parish, Baltimore, Maryland, the son of John Whitaker and Cathreine (MNU). He married Ann Poteet c1725. Ann was the daughter of Peter Poteet and Rebecca (MNU).

Abraham Whitaker’s life was cut short, dying at the age of 37 years and one month on 31 December 1739 in Baltimore County.

Ann Poteet Whitaker married (2) William Pike, before 7 September 1741, likely also in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Abraham’s orphaned children were named in court records, which benefits researchers because the births of the two youngest children are not found in church records.


1. Peter, born 7 July 1726, Baltimore County, Maryland
2. Abraham, born 11 August 1727, Baltimore County, Maryland; died c1792, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; married Susannah (MNU).
3. Hannah, born 26 March 1729, Baltimore County, Maryland; died after 1786, probably in Washington County, Virginia; married William Crabtree, 27 May 1746, Baltimore County, Maryland.
4. Isaac, born c1731, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; died c1765; married Sarah (MNU).
5. Ann, married Ezekiel Slade, 7 January 1754, Baltimore County, Maryland.

As an aside, Abraham Whitaker was the father of one other child, a child born to Susannah Temple on 11 July 1724. In November of the same year, Abraham was indicted for fathering the child outside of marriage. What became of the baby is not known.

There is a terrific article about the Whitaker family, with sources cited, written by Beaumont Whitaker for the Maryland Historical Magazine, The Whitaker Family of Baltimore County, published in the Maryland Historical Magazine, Spring 1984, pages 165-182.

A digital edition is available online at the Maryland Historical Society website.

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