William B. Brasher, died 1708 in Baltimore, MD

The earliest Brasher ancestor of my husband does NOT, as far as can be determined, tie into the Huguenot family of Robert Brashier, which settled in Calvert County, Maryland by the 1630s and where Robert, the immigrant, died in 1665.

William B. Brasher was 34 years old when he died in 1708 in Baltimore County, Maryland, so born c1674, place unknown. He married Elizabeth (MNU), place unknown, but probably about 1695, soon after he turned 21 years old.

Elizabeth, herself, is a real mystery. When William died in 1708, court records do not make it clear if Elizabeth pre-deceased her husband or if she abandoned her children and returning to England, where it is said she was born.

In any case, the four Brasher children had no parents in the picture as of 1708 and no family to take them in.

William was apprenticed out and the other three younger siblings were placed in foster homes.


1. William, born 26 May 1696, St. George’s Parish, Spesutia, Baltimore, Maryland; died before 12 October 1728, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; married Jane (MNU).
2. John, born 14 June 1699, St. George’s Parish, Spesutia, Baltimore, Maryland; married Sarah (MNU) and likely removed to North Carolina. He reportedly had two children born in Maryland and perhaps more born in North Carolina.
3. Thomas, born 1 September 1701, St. George’s Parish, Spesutia, Baltimore, Maryland; died between 17 May 1770 – 17 October 1779, the dates when he wrote his will and his heirs sold his land, but his will was not entered into court records until May 1784; married (1) Sarah Constant, 13 October 1726, St. George’s Parish, Spesutia, Baltimore, Maryland (2) Hannah MNU), probably in the 1740s. He was apprenticed  to John Webster, administrator of his father’s estate, until the age of 25. Note that he married Sarah when he was 25 years and 1 month old!
4. Jane, born c1704, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; died before 8 July 1737, probably Baltimore County, Maryland; married James Morgan, 13 December 1728, Baltimore County, Maryland. She was bound to Sarah Day in 1708 until the age of 16 or marriage.

My husband’s line of descent is:

William Brasher – Elizabeth
Thomas Brasher – Sarah Constant
Aquilla Brasher & Mary OR John Brasher and ?
Lawrence Brasher & Elizabeth Black
Hampton Brasher & Altezara Jane Woodruff
Emsley Harrison Brasher & Mary Woosley Perkins
Joseph Henry Brasher & Minnie Mae Williams
Pearl Lillian Brasher & Earl Marcus Stufflebean
Edward Earl Stufflebean & Ruby Jewel Sturgell
David Lee Stufflebean!

Again, if anyone can shed some (documented) light on the families of Aquilla and Mary Brasher and John & (?) Brasher, please leave a comment. 🙂

It would be much appreciated.

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