Summer Genealogy Education and YouTube

We have reached the dog days of summer 2019 and Tucson hasn’t had much of a monsoon season, leaving the air heavy with humidity – no, it definitely is NOT a dry heat!

What’s a genealogist to do? Well, I have to admit that while I am an avid viewer of webinars, I have not ever spent much time looking at genealogy videos on YouTube.

While sitting comfortably in my air-conditioned house, I decided I needed to check out what is available. I knew that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of genealogy-related videos posted, but I’ve hand picked some to share with you that were created by well known names in the field and which share top quality information.

Here are my to dozen choices and the best thing is that each of these creators has a multitude of videos that are all FREE to watch. 🙂

By the way, they are listed in ABC order by first letter, as I could never order them by favorites. There are too many videos that are too good.

American Ancestors


Blaine Bettinger (DNA)

BYU Family History Library

Family History Fanatics


James Tanner

Kathryn Lake Hogan (Canadian resources)

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

Lisa Lisson


Thomas MacEntee

Here’s one more tip, to make a baker’s dozen: Just enter a search for “genealogy 2019” in YouTube and tons of other videos will show in your list. Many people create only a handful of clips, but they are very well done on just about every topic of which you can think.

Now, just sit back and prepare to learn lots of new things about genealogy research.


One thought on “Summer Genealogy Education and YouTube”

  1. Great list…I need to explore what’s out there for UK resources as well… I will be adding this post to the Toolbox on the library’s website (I’m both creator of the Toolbox and webmistress :))

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