Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Ellen’s Questions – Part 2

It is Saturday night, so it’s time for Randy Seaver’s SNGF weekly challenge:

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!):

1)  Ellen Thompson-Jennings posted 20 questions on her blog last week – see Even More Questions About Your Ancestors and Maybe A Few About You (posted 27 June). 

2)  We will do these five at a time – Questions 6 to 10 tonight (we did 1 through 5 last week)

3)  Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment on this post, or in a Facebook post.

Here are this week’s questions:

6. How many DNA companies have you tested with or transferred to? Have you tested at all the 5 major companies?
7. Do you have an ancestor that had a successful business? Is it still in business?
8. How long ago was your last “genealogy/DNA happy dance?”
9. Did you ever discover that a friend was also a distant cousin?
10. Do you have a genealogy brick wall? Do you think you will be able to use DNA to work past it?

My answers:

6. I have tested with ftDNA (autosomal and mitrochondrial), MyHeritage and Ancestry. My husband has taken the same tests, but has not yet done a Y-DNA test.
7. My grandparents owned a successful meat market for 30 years. It closed the year before I was born. Also, my great grandmother owned a ladies’ accessories shop in the 1920s and early 1930s.
8. I haven’t really had any genealogy happy dances, as my test results haven’t presented any big surprises or broken through any brick walls. I really just tested out of curiosity.
9. Yes, I have several friends who are distant cousins, as we share early New England ancestry.
10. My paternal Slovak family is all a brick wall given that there are absolutely no records before the early 1800s. DNA testing might identify new distant cousins, but given that the ancestors were all illiterate, no family Bibles or other documents are likely to appear naming members of our earlier generations.

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