Help Needed: What Event Was This Parade Celebrating?

UPDATE: In 2020, I found some new books on Calais, Maine and its history. I believe this may be the 1909 Centennial Parade.

Readers, I need some suggestions.

My great grand Aunt Pearl had this divided back postcard in her collection. I believe this parade may have taken place in Calais, Washington, Maine.

From my personal photo collection

Everybody in the very elaborately decorated wagon is dressed in white. Even the horses are white and some of the parade watchers are also decked out in white.

Did the white represent new found peace in the world?

I wish the picture was in color, so the flower colors could be seen.

However, given the time period – divided back postcards were popular in the United States from 1907 onward – am I correct in thinking this might be a celebration of the War to End All Wars – the Great War, later called World War I?


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