Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your School Graduations

Randy Seaver has a timely challenge for us this weekend:

1)  Most of us graduated from elementary school, junior high school, high school, and perhaps college.
2)  What schools did you graduate from (and when, if you dare!) – and do you have a photograph?

I graduated from James Fallon School in Wayne, New Jersey in June 1964. There was no ceremony and no photos! Here is the school, which became a district office building years later before turning back into James Fallon School:

My junior high graduation was pretty much the same experience. I graduated from Anthony Wayne Junior High School, also in Wayne, New Jersey,  in June 1966, no ceremony and no photos! My junior high school met the same sort of fate – it was bought by Nestle Company (yes, the chocolates) and became an office building:

I graduated from Wayne Valley High School on 11 June 1970.

I earned my B.A. degree from the University of Rhode Island on18 January 1974, but the ceremony was held in the spring and I have no photos.

Lastly, I graduated from Fordham University Graduate School of Education on 1 September 1978 with my Master of Science degree.

The graduation ceremony wasn’t held until the following spring, but I had moved to California by then and didn’t attend.

Speaking of graduations, my 50th high school reunion is coming up next year in New Jersey. Small world, though, as I’ve found not one, but TWO of my classmates living right here in Tucson!

Thanks, Randy, for this walk down Memory Lane.



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