Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Favorite Photo of Your Father

Father’s Day 2019 is this weekend, so Randy Seaver has given this challenge for SNGF:

1) It’s Father’s Day in the USA on Sunday, so let’s talk about our fathers.

2)  Show us your favorite photograph of your father – the one that shows him in the best light possible.  Describe the occasion, the setting, and the people in the photograph.

George, Julia and Linda Sabo with Nana’s Friend, Roy Wright
Easter 1956

George Michael Sabo (1926-1985) married my mother, Doris Priscilla Adams on 6 June 1947. Dad loved celebrating holidays with family and ours was small!

However, while I have many photos of all of us, we didn’t dress up too often. Easter seemed to be the exception, maybe because I always had an Easter bonnet and little purse.

This picture was taken in front of our house at 49 Summer Street, Passaic, New Jersey. My grandparents bought the house in the 1920s. My father was actually born in the house and we lived there until the end of 1963, with Nana upstairs and my parents, brother and I downstairs.

It’s hard to see what Nana was wearing, but I am sure there was a pretty Easter dress under her coat. Roy was a friend, a widower, who came by to visit with Nana every so often. Sometimes, he even took her out dancing, which she loved!

Dad was all dressed up in his suit, with the obligatory white shirt and tie. That’s what he wore to work every day and it was also his holiday outfit when the whole family dressed up.

In 1956, I was still an only child and Mom isn’t in the picture because I am sure she was the photographer. This photo is a tad out of focus, but not bad.

Thanks, Randy, for this Father’s Day weekend SNGF challenge.



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