Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Ancestor Life Sketch Tweets

Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun this week is very modern – Ancestor Life Sketch Tweets. No, we aren’t becoming tweeters. Here is the challenge:

1)  Gail Dever in a blog post suggested writing a life sketch tweet with no more than 280 characters for a specific ancestor.  

2)  For this Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, write two or more life sketch tweets with no more than 280 characters for your ancestors.

Here is one of mine and one of my husband’s ancestors in 280 characters or less:

Rebecca Jones (1809-1897), Mayflower descendant, married to farmers Peter Crouse and Benjamin Blyther, mother of nine, senior years traveler from Maine to California, died Massachusetts, buried back in Maine.

John Henry Stufflebean (1863-1939), Civil War orphan born in Missouri, married Mary Elizabeth Hollen and Addie Belcher, father of fourteen, farmer. mercantile owner, Texas transplant and Oklahoma pioneer.

Thank you to both Gail Dever and Randy Seaver for this week’s challenge.

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