Who Are They?: Co. 549, U.S. Naval Training Center, Sampson, NY, 22 April 1944

Company 549
U.S. Naval Training Center
Sampson, New York
22 April 1944

I own the original of the photo, now 75 years old, which I inherited from my grandfather’s cousin, Charles Adams Chadwick, a member of this company. Charles is near the back left of this group with the black arrow pointing down to him.

Charles was from Calais, Washington, Maine and served in Guam during World War II. I have no idea if anyone else in the company was stationed there with him.

There are no names, or anything else, written on the back of this photo. I would love to hear from you if you recognize a parent or grandparent (great-grandparent??) who also served in this company.

If you would like a jpg of this photo to examine the faces more carefully, please leave a comment.

I found a website for Sampson State Park and the Sampson Military Museum and plan to donate this photo to them if they don’t already have it. Apparently, they own photos of less than half the companies that passed through the Training Center.

As Veteran’s Day is only a couple of days away, and it is the centennial anniversary of the end of The Great War, please remember to thank a veteran for his/her service.


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  1. I would love a jpeg of this photo. My dad, Charles Peck graduated Sampson sometime in April 1944 from Sampson. I know he reported to the Navy March 10.

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