Little Kids Are Too Darn Cute

I don’t write very many posts that are wordless, or almost wordless, but I decided that kids are the cutest subjects in old photos. Here are some from my own family photos. If I know who they are, I will label them. Otherwise, they are (very) sadly unknown to me.

Stufflebean? with his dog

Edward Stufflebean, c1920

Stufflebean Grandchild? Loves her Doll

Charles Adams Chadwick, c1925

Doris Priscilla Adams and big sister Annie Barbara Adams, c1926
One of my favorite pictures of my mom, Doris

Hubby Dave, c1954

George Michael Sabo, c1927

Me, c1955

Last, but certainly not least:

My son, c1989, loving his push toy

I love looking through all my old photos. 🙂

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