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Do you have ancestors who settled in or passed through Alabama? Alabama began its American colonial life as the eastern portion of the Mississippi Territory. When Mississippi became a state in 1817, Alabama Territory was created with statehood soon following in 1819. Fertile farming land cause Alabama’ population to swell from 10,000 people in 1810 to over 300,000 just twenty years later. Many, but not all of Alabama’s new residents hailed from other Southern states.

There are a number of Alabama resources available online to help you learn more about your ancestors’ lives:

FamilySearch Wiki – Alabama – This is your best first stop to learn about Alabama resources.

Alabama Mosaic – This site describes itself as a repository of digital materials on Alabama’s history, culture, places, and people. Its purpose is to make unique historical treasures from Alabama’s archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories electronically accessible. . .

Alabama Genealogy and History

African-American Heritage in Mobile

Alabama Genealogical Society – Most resources can only be viewed by membership, but there are some good links that are free.

Acumen! – The University of Alabama’s digital archives with links to the history of Alabama and other southern states.

African-American Genealogy Research in Alabama

Online Alabama Death Records, Indexes and Obituaries

Alabama State Archives and Libraries

Alabama Department of Archives and History Digital Collections

Alabama Genealogical and Historical Societies – county and region list with links to websites

Alabama Historical Commission

Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail

National African-American Archives and Museum

Alabama Museums Association

Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives

Alabama Baptist Historical Commission

Mobile Public Library – local history and genealogy

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Alabama Media Group Collection

University of Alabama Digital Exhibitions

As usual – a reminder to locate all local genealogical and historical societies in your town or county of interest, as well as contacting local libraries to inquire about their unique local history items.

Happy hunting!

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