Ancestors of Michael Bacon (1579-1648) of Dedham, MA

Michael Bacon’s ancestry has been documented in three works, each written about a century ago, but with no updates or corrections in spite of Michael having thousands of descendants, I am accepting that three previous generations, that of Michael’s father, grandfather and great grandfather are correct.

Information about the families comes from wills filed in the county of Suffolk, England.

There are wild stories out there about the Bacon ancestry going back hundreds of years before the 15th century, but I’d take that with a grain of salt myself and I’m not going to help perpetuate that probable myth.

Here are three generations back from Michael, through my line of descent:

Michael’s great grandfather, Thomas Bacon, was likely born c1475 and died between 31 July 1535, when wrote his will, and 27 February 1535/36, when it was proved in court. His wife, Joane (MNU) survived him by a few years, dying in 1540.

Thomas Bacon was fairly well-to-do as he left estates in Helmingham, Otley, Pethaw and Winston to his wife. Upon her death, those lands would go to his son, John, and Thomas.

Joane (MNU) Bacon left her own will dated 30 July 1540 and proved 12 December 1540. Daughter Elizabeth was still unmarried at that time. Her other daughter was named as Anne Dow.


1. John, born c1505; died before 11 March 1557/58; married Margaret (MNU).
2. Thomas, born c1510; died 1557; married Agnes (MNU). She died in 1579.
3. Anne, died after 30 July 1540; married Mr. Dow, before that date.
4. Elizabeth, died after 30 July 1540; unmarried at that time

Michael Bacon’s grandfather was John Bacon who married Margaret (MNU). Margaret survived her husband. John’s will is dates 4 September 1557 and was proved six months later on 11 March 1557/58.

John Bacon likely married at least twice, as he had an eldest son and youngest son, both named William. Birth years for the children are estimates.


  1. William, born c1533; died 1610. The name of his wife is unknown.
  2. Michael, born c1535; died 1614; married (1) Elizabeth (MNU) (2) Grace Blomosale, 30 September 1607, Winston, Suffolk, England. She survived her husband.
  3. Barbara, born c1537
  4. Rose, born c1539
  5. Thomas, born c1541; married Mary Ebinger, 1572, Winston, Suffolk, England
  6. Richard, born c1543
  7. William, born c1545: died between 12 October 1574, when he wrote his will, and 6 December 1575, when it was proved. He mentioned his siblings.

Michael Bacon was born c1535; died between 24 October 1614, Winston, Suffolk, England, when he wrote his will and 20 April 1615, when it was proved; married (1) Elizabeth (MNU) (2) Grace Blomosale, 30 September 1607, Winston, Suffolk, England. She survived her husband, but was not the mother of any of his children.


1. John, born c1566; died after 1615; married Mary (MNU), c1590.
2. Joanne, born c1567; not in her father’s will
3. Mary, born c1569; not in her father’s will
4. Thomas, born c1572; died after 1614.
5. Sarah, born c1574; married Daniel York, 1601
6. William, born c1577; married Rebecca Potter, daughter of Thomas Potter of Coventry, Warwick, England.
7. Michael, born c1579; married Alice (MNU)
8. Elizabeth, born c1584; married Mr. Bacon. Her daughter, Katherine, was mentioned in the 1614 will.

With these additional generations, my Bacon line is one of my earliest documented lines, with Thomas Bacon of Helmingham, Suffolk, England being my 14X great grandfather.

My line of descent:

  1. Thomas Bacon = Joane (MNU)
    2. John Bacon = Margaret (MNU)
    3. Michael Bacon = Elizabeth (MNU)
    4. Michael Bacon = Mary (MNU)
    5. Michael Bacon = Mary (MNU)
    6. Mary Lakin = John Lakin
    7. I have a double descent from this couple in this generation – daughter Lydia Lakin who married John Shepley and son Josiah Lakin, who marred Lucy Boyden. Since they are of the same generation, I will continue just with the descendants of John and Lydia (Lakin) Shepley.
    8. Jonathan Shepley = Lydia Lakin (niece of Lydia in generation 4)
    9. Oliver Shepley = Mary Lakin (yes, this line is very inbred!)
    10. Sibbel Shepley = James Scripture
    11. Oliver Scripture = Mary Goddard Bucknam
    12. Mary Elizabeth Scripture = George Rogers Tarbox
    13. Nellie F. Tarbox = Calvin Segee Adams
    14. Charles Edwin Adams = Annie Maude Stuart
    15. Vernon Tarbox Adams = Hazel Ethel Coleman
    16. George Michael Sabo = Doris Priscilla Adams
    17. Linda Anne Sabo Stufflebean – Me!


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