Oklahoma c1915: Who Are These Young Ladies?

Although I’ve recently shared some genealogy research mysteries, it’s been a while since I browsed through some of the mystery photos in our family collection.

Today’s photos date to about 1915, give or take a couple of years and they belonged to my husband’s grandmother, Pearl Lillian Brasher Stufflebean (1898-1989).

Pearl graduated from Noble High School in 1915 and married Earl Stufflebean in June 1916. I’m not sure if the pictures were taken before or after she married, but I suspect before.

Pearl, second row, left (X)

Pearl, but where? Downtown Norman?

Early iil drilling, probably near Norman, OK
Pearl, maybe second from left?

Pearl, left

No idea if Pearl is in this photo

If your grandmother, great grandmother or other female relative lived in Norman, Oklahoma about 1915, please take a look to see if you recognize any of these young ladies who were friends of Pearl Lillian Brasher.

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