Friday’s Family History Finds

The best Family History Finds this week:

Family Stories

Jacqi’s quest to document King Stockton and his family:
A Document Tag Team AND Noticing Details AND Back to the Book AND Collateral Collaboration AND A Sideways Maneuver, all by Jacqi Stevens on A Family Tapestry

Gathering the Records to Tell the Story – An Update by Cathy Meder-Dempsey on Opening Doors in Brick Walls

Traut Enterlein – Journeyman Apprentice; Now You See Him, Now You Don’t 52 Ancestors #231 by Roberta Estes on DNAeXplained- Genetic Genealogy

Was Eleanor of Aquitaine My Ancestor? Generation 16 – Claesken Peters die Paep by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy

Another Mystery of Nero Faneuil by J.L. Bell on Boston 1775

Finding John Costello – Tightening Up the Timeline on the Genealogy Girl

Research Resources

New Database Documents Marriages of Early Quebec Settlers by Gail Dever on Genealogy à la Carte

Nail Your Irish Research with These Sources by Alona Tester on Lonetester HQ

Loyalist Letters & Petitions to Be Digitized by Leland Meitzler on GenealogyBlog

Barbados Runaway Slaves Digital Collection by Leland Meitzler on Genealogy Blog

Tech News

Gedmatch Admixture Tools by Liane on Liane Jensen Research

Genetic Genealogy

The Beta One-to-Many Tool: GENESIS Basics II by Kitty on Kitty Cooper’s Blog


I Know My Own Mother’s Birthday, In Which I Concede I Can’t Do Collaborative Genealogy by Ellie on Ellie’s Ancestors

One-Page Research Form by Ellen Anderson on Andersonology

Tip for Reading Difficult Writing by Jacquie Schattner on Seeds to Tree

Guest Post: If You Don’t Look at the Original Record, You’re Missing Out! by Marshall Clow on Genea-Musings

Use Cousin Baiting to Expand Your Family Tree by DiAnn Iamarino on Fortify Your Family Tree

The Archive Lady: Researching My Outlaw Ancestors by Melissa Barker on Genealogy Bargains

Education Is for Everyone

How Did Our Ancestors Meet? by Sarah Dobby on Family History Ramblings

Dutch Term – J.M. and J.D. by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy

Keeping Up with the Times

The Little Canadas of New England by Linda Sullivan-Simpson on The Past Whispers

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  1. Thanks for including my article on reading difficult handwriting in your wonderful list this week!

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