Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Longest Ancestral Marriage

It’s time once again for Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. Here is this week’s challenge:

1)  Marcia Philbrick wrote Celebrating 50 Years today on her Heartland Genealogy blog, and suggested it for a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge, so here it is:

2)   How many of your ancestors were married for FIFTY years?  What is the longest marriage of your ancestors in your tree (from marriage to first death of a spouse, or divorce)?  Consider, say, the last 6 generations to make it manageable!

My ancestral marriages weren’t all that long in comparison to others. There are many couples where one died relatively young.

In fact, the longest marriage in my family is not in my direct line. My aunt and uncle, who are both living and so shall remain anonymous, have been married for 64 years. 🙂

Here are my lines:

Parents George Sabo & Doris Adams – 1947-1985, 38 years

Grandparents George Sabo & Julia Scerbak – 1915-1936, 21 years
Grandparents Vernon Adams & Hazel Coleman – 1920-1968, 48 years

Great Grandparents Stephen Kucharik & Mary Kacsenyak – 1878-1926, 48 years
Great Grandparents Michael Scerbak & Anna Murcko – 1892-1932, 40 years
Great Grandparents Charles Adams & Annie Stuart – 1898-1921, 23 years
Great Grandparents Hartwell Coleman & Anna Jensen – 1892-1916, 24 years

2X Great Grandparents John Kucharik & Maria Repka, 1849-1893, 44 years
2X Great Grandparents Michael Kacsenyak & Anna Haluska, 1858-1895+, 47 years +
2X Great Grandparents John Scerbak & Maria Patorai, 1861-1912, 51 years
2X Great Grandparents John Murcko & Maria Sova, 1868-1917, 49 years
2X Great Grandparents Calvin Adams & Nellie Tarbox, 1875-1921, 46 years
2X Great Grandparents Charles Stewart & Elida Hicks, 1850-1894, 44 years
2X Great Grandparents William Coleman & Sarah Crouse, 1855-1905, 50 years
2X Great Grandparents Frits Jensen && Margaret Bruun, 1866-1890, 34 years

After this point, I lose the paternal branch of my family tree because the church registers don’t go back this far.

3X Great Grandparents Daniel Adams & Sarah Parker, 1836-1893, 57 years
3X Great Grandparents George Tarbox & Mary Scripture, 1848-1866, 18 years
3X Great Grandparents John Stewart & Catherine Carlisle, 1814-1870, 56 years
3X Great Grandparents Israel Hicks & Abigail Carlisle, 1819-1835, 16 years
3X Great Grandparents Thomas Coleman & Mary Astle, 1833-1888, 55 years
3X Great Grandparents Peter Crouse & Rebecca Jones, 1828-1835, 7 years
3X Great Grandparents Johannes Jensen & Johanne Molin, 1842-1865, 23 years
3X Great Grandparents Niels Bruun & Ana Amalie Moller, 1842-1847, 5 years

4X Great Grandparents Thomas Adams & Sarah Brawn, 1803-1851+, 48 years+
4X Great Grandparents Benjamin Parker & Maria Wilson, 1812-1828, 16 years
4X Great Grandparents William Tarbox & Judith Haskell, 1802-1860, 58 years
4X Great GrandparentsOliver Scripture & Mary Bucknam, 1819-1862, 43 years
4X Great Grandparents Ira Hicks & Sarah Thornton, 1784-1830, 46 years
4X Great Grandparents Joseph Coleman & Ruth Spurr, 1793-1810, 17 years
4X Great Grandparents Daniel Astle & Jane (Parker?), 1808-1815, 7 years
4X Great Grandparents Philip Crouse & Sarah Burt, 1790-1823, 33 years
4X Great Grandparents Richard Jones & Mary Boone, 1786-1840, 54 years
4X Great Grandparents Hans Molin & Anna Sandberg, 1800-1830, 30 years
4X Great Grandparents Thomas Bruun & Margrethe Nielsdatter, 1808-1835, 27 years
4X Great Grandparents Christen Moller & Marie Jensdatter, 1822-1855+, 33 years+

Of 35 known lines, only 6 celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary or more. Eleven of these couples were married for 40+ years. However, three couples were married only 5-7 years, due to the early death of their spouses.

Thank you, Randy, and Marcia for this week’s challenge.


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