Who Are They? Passaic, NJ Wedding, c1912

Who Are These Young Men?

Here is another unmarked mystery photo from my Passaic, New Jersey collection of photos.

There are just a few facts about which I am sure:

  1. They are of Slovak heritage and likely from the area around Udol, Slovakia.
  2. They are Greek Catholic.
  3. They were likely attendees or members of a wedding party sometime between 1911-1914, probably c1912 or so.
  4. They likely were parishioners at St. Michael’s Church, 96 First Street, in Passaic, New Jersey. (Today, it is the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel.)

If you have Passaic family members living there in the early 20th century and think you recognize either of these dapper young men, please contact me. I would love to know who they are and/or return this original photo to one of their descendants.

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