Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Two Degrees of Separation

This week, Randy Seaver has challenged us with “two degrees of separation”:

1)  Using your ancestral lines, how far back in time can you go with two degrees of separation?  That means “you knew an ancestor, who knew another ancestor.”  When was that second ancestor born?

My lines don’t extend all that far back in time.

1. My Sabo/Scerbak lineLinda Sabo (me) (born 1952, Passaic, New Jersey) knew my paternal grandmother, Julia Scerbak Sabo (born 1893; died 1985). She knew her grandfather, John Murcko (born 1831; died 1917, both in Hajtovka, Slovakia.

2. My Sabo/Scerbak line – I never knew my grandfather, George Kucharik (aka Sabo), as he died when my father was ten years old. Nana (Julia Scerbak Sabo, above) knew her father-in-law, Stephen Kucharik (aka Sabo), who was born in 1855 in Vysna Sebastova, Slovakia and died in 1933 in Wallington, Passaic, New Jersey.

3. My Adams/Coleman line – I knew my maternal grandfather, Vernon Tarbox Adams (born 1899, Maine; died 1969, Massachusetts). My grandfather knew his grandfather, Calvin Segee Adams, born 1843, Canada and died 1921, also in Canada.

4. My Adams/Coleman line – I knew my maternal grandmother, Hazel Ethel Coleman Adams, born 1901, Maine; died 1995, Massachusetts. She knew her grandmother, Sarah Moriah Crouse, born 1833, Canada; died 1930, Maine.

My greatest line of two degrees of separation, then, is through #4. I was born in 1952, while my 2X great grandmother, Sarah Moriah Crouse, was born in 1833, a span of 186 years form her birth until today or 119 years until the year of my birth.

Another SNGF challenge completed. I’m already waiting for next week’s challenge. 🙂 Thanks, Randy.

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