More Genealogy Education Choices for 2019: Podcasts

Recently, I wrote about genealogy education and why everyone should be pursuing it in 2019. That post had a focus on genealogy webinars, which are quite plentiful and growing in popularity.

Today’s post is about genealogical podcasts. How does a podcast differ from a webinar? In terms of the technical format, podcasts are audio with no visual accompaniments. It’s a listening experience, a bit like audio books.

Comparing webinar and podcast subject matter, they are both similar to each other and a bit different. Webinars are presentations on particular topics, e.g. Research in Scandinavia. Webinars are always prepared talks with visual slides and, often, handouts, at least for subscribers, can be downloaded. Participant questions can usually be asked through a chat box.

Podcasts, on the other hand, CAN be prepared talks, but since there is only audio, there’s obviously nothing to look at. However, podcasts are also often talks or discussions between two or more people on a given topic.

Podcasts and webinars are similar in another way, too. When the program was first broadcast doesn’t necessarily mean that older programs are less relevant today. Yes, some topics become outdated, e.g. “how to use the new version of X,” but other topics remain up-to-date for years.

If you haven’t ever tuned into podcasts, I have to mention one program that is by subscription: Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems.If you scroll down the home page, she does offer some free podcasts:

However, the more in-depth podcasts are under her premium membership, which is $49.95 per year. She does offer discounted memberships during the year.

There are a number of genealogy-themed podcasts. Here are several from which to browse:

Family Tree Magazine Podcast

Genealogy Girl Talks

Genealogy Happy Hour

Genealogy Podcasts– with Player FM

Generations Cafe with Amy Johnson Crow

Irish Genealogy Podcast

The Forget-Me-Not Hour

Tune in and learn something new in 2019.

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