Brand New Virtual Pass to RootsTech 2019 Now Available + More RT News

Disclaimer: I am a RootsTech 2019 Ambassador and have received perks to promote RootsTech.

If you aren’t able to attend RootsTech 2019 in person, there is a terrific new option available – the Virtual Pass! This is the first time it’s ever been a choice for those at home wishing they were in Salt Lake City.

And, if you are attending RootsTech, but have too many class sessions you want to attend and can’t get to them all, have a look at the Virtual Pass. It might be the solution to your problems!

For those only attending RootsTech in Virtual mode, the pass costs $129.

If you have already purchased an in-person RootsTech Pass, you  can add on a discounted Virtual Pass for $79.

There are two things to understand with the Virtual Pass. First, there are 18 recorded classes that you will be able to watch for up to 12 months – in other words, until the next RootsTech rolls around.

Also, and this is very important – the 18 recorded class sessions are just that – recorded. They will begin posting online about 10 days AFTER RootsTech. Those who have a Virtual Pass will receive an email letting you know the videos are ready to view.

The Virtual Pass is NOT a pass to watch each and every class session from home. There are the 18 classes offered.

To be honest, if I were unable to attend RootsTech in person this year, I would be overjoyed with this list of presentations because a number of them are choices I have on my list already. I think these are fabulous classes to offer virtually and well worth the money.

Next, 18 class sessions are being live streamed for free. Those are 18 DIFFERENT sessions.

If you would like to purchase a Virtual Pass, they are available on the RootsTech website.

In a recent post, I shared links to the RootsTech 2019 news videos. There are now two more short news videos to find out what’s happening at RootsTech 2019.

Road to RootsTech, Episode 6:Keynote Speakers and Entertainment

Road to RootsTech, Episode 7: Customer Service at RootsTech

Last, but not least, would you like to view recorded RootsTech classes and events held from 2015-2018? You can and it’s free.

It’s almost time to get excited – four weeks from today and I’ll be on my way to Salt Lake City. 🙂



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