Washington State Genealogical Resources

Last week, I shared links for Oregon state genealogical resources. I’ve found that some of my collateral family members who made it to Oregon continued northward and spent the remainder of their lives in Washington, not unlike many others who migrated to the Pacific Northwest.

Today, I will share some online resources I’ve found for the state of Washington.

FamilySearch Wiki – has a huge number of links to Washington records. The scrolling list is so long, the screen crop would be too big:

In fact, there are so many options here, that the Wiki should most definitely be your first stop when looking for resources online.

Some of the links on this page may already be in the Wiki above, but in case they have been updated or recently added, the Washington State Archives is another excellent source for information:

Genealogical Resources – Legacy Washington

Washington GenWeb (WAGenWeb) has both county links and many links to Washington state resources:

If you are interested in Washington State Genealogical Society membership, they have an extensive website of information, including a members only tab.

The Washington State Historical Society doesn’t appear to have many online collections, but that means there is a good opportunity to be had via a phone call or email. Historical societies often have true gems in their collections that exist nowhere else:

I wasn’t expecting this to be such a quick list to compile, but with many thanks to the FamilySearch Wiki, tons of links are already available.

As always, don’t forget to contact local libraries and local genealogical and/or historical libraries, as they often have unique items pertaining to their own histories.

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