Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Make One Genealogy-Related Resolution/Goal for 2019

2018 is quickly drawling to a close and Randy Seaver has posted the final SNGF challenge for the year on Genea-Musings: Make One Genealogy-Related Resolution/Goal for 2019.

Here are the mission details:

1)  Did you make any New Years Resolutions, or state Goals and Objectives, for genealogy and family history research in 2019?  If so, tell us about them.

2)  If not, then make ONE resolution, or state one goal, for your genealogy research that you are determined to keep during 2019.  We’ll check on progress toward that resolution/goal during the year in SNGF (if I remember!).

It so happens that I did make a list of 2019 genealogy goals that, coincidentally, I posted yesterday.

However, after I drew up my list, I considered adding one more, so SNGF is the perfect time to share that new goal. In past years, I’ve had a general goal to leave more comments for my fellow bloggers. I think I do leave a fair amount and, from my perspective, it’s always nice to know that others enjoyed whatever kind of tidbit I shared.

This year, I’m going to be more specific – I’m going to aim to leave an average of 7 comments per week on genealogy blogs. I don’t want to say one per day because there are some very quiet days where few posts appear. However, I know I can manage 7 per week and most of those will likely be targeted in my Friday Family History Finds.

To track my comments, I will count from Friday to Friday to correspond with my FFHF posts. All I will need to do is count to at least 7 every week. 🙂

Thank you, Randy, for hosting Saturday Night Genealogy Fun all year and providing some really fun topics. I look forward to this every weekend!

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