My Favorite Christmas Presents

Through the years, there have been many Christmases where Santa was very good to me and I received some terrific gifts. However, there is only one Christmas I remember where I can still tell you my favorite presents that year. I guess maybe there have been too many Christmases at this point for my brain to keep track of, but for Christmas 1959, I dearly wanted two things.

First, I didn’t think I could live without Patty Playpal, the “it” toy of the year. Patty was quite a big doll, probably somewhere between 18 and 24 inches tall. She had beautiful curly hair and a pretty little dress.

Second on my wish list, was a “big girl” bicycle. I had been riding a two-wheeler for over a year, but it was a small bike, dark blue as I remember. All my friends on the block had bikes, which we rode constantly. Therefore, I was really, really hoping for a bigger bicycle.

Santa didn’t disappoint me at all! When I woke up early on Christmas morning and peeked out my bedroom door, both Patty and a beautiful pink and white bicycle were by the Christmas tree. The bike even had pink streamers hanging on the handlebars. Those streamers were greatly prized by all the kids who had them.

Linda, Patty Playpal & the New Bike, 1959

It wasn’t evident in this photo, but I also received my least favorite gift ever that Christmas Day. Just before I was planning to ride my new bike around the neighborhood, spots began to appear on me – I had chicken pox!

Do you have a favorite holiday gift? Leave a comment, please. 🙂

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