Bonus Edition: Friday’s Family History Finds

We’ve been away on a cruise for the past couple of weeks. Here are some photo hints about where we visited:


If you guessed Hawaii, you are right! The Star Princess visited Hilo, Kauai, Honolulu and Lahaina. It was a very relaxing, fun cruise.

While we were on the ship, I wasn’t able to work in the blog, but did save links to Friday Family History Finds that I have decided are interesting enough to share in a bonus edition today.

The best Family History Finds this week (15-30 November 2018:

Family Stories

Rev. John Wise is one of my ancestors!:
The American Revolution of 1689 by Gordon Harris on Historic Ipswich

Research Resources

If you have colonial American ancestors who lived in Ipswich, MA, you should be following Gordon Harris’s blog:
A Priceless Reservoir of Early American History by Gordon Harris on Historic Ipswich

Fantastic Find: The Irish DNA Registry on Facebook by Pat Hartley on Ancestry Island

Seventeen of the Best by Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist

Tech News

Evernote to OneNote|Importing Notes by Shannon Thomas on Our Life Picture

Create Your Own Personal Archives of Web Pages with This Chrome Extension by Emily Price on Lifehacker

Genetic Genealogy

Comments on Biparental Inheritance of Mitochondrial DNA in Humans by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

DNA? Don’t Forget Traditional Genealogical Research Methods by Wayne Shepheard on Discover Genealogy

Tools for Interpreting DNA Results by Anne Young on Anne’s Family History

What Are 2nd-4th Cousin DNA Matches? by Andy Lee on Family History Fanatics

When GEDmatch and The Testing Company Are Far Apart by Israel Pickholtz on All My foreparents


Are You Due for a Genealogical Tuneup? by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

Can You Avoid Digital Death? by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

Revisiting the Rules by Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist

Education Is for Everyone

All MyHeritage LIVE! 2018 Classes Available on Family Tree Webinars Site for FREE by Randy Seaver on Genea-Musings

Libraries and Copyright: Why Can We Check Out Library Books? by James Tanner on Genealogy’s Star

Recommended Reading: “World War I Genealogy Research Guide by Debra M. Dudek by Colleen on Colleen Greene

RLP 20: How to Become an Accredited Genealogy Professional by Nicole Dyer on Family Locket

RLP 21: The FamilySearch Catalog by Nicole Dyer on Family Locket

Keeping Up with the Times

50 Gifts for Genealogists – 2018 by Diane Boumenot on One Rhode Island Family

2018 Holiday Gift Guide by Julie Cahill Tarr on Julie’s Genealogy & History Hub

Clever Gifts for Genealogists – 2018 Holiday Edition on Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy & Research Blog

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