Releasing Peter, Molly, Jim, Andrew & David: Estate of Jesse Gee, Cumberland Co., KY 1815

Jesse Gee and a likely relative, James, are found enumerated together in the 1810 census of Cumberland County, Kentucky.

With a bit of sleuthing, it appears that Jesse Gee was born c1758 and hailed from Lunenburg County, Virginia. At the time of the 1810 census, Jesse’s household included nine slaves.

He died five years later, intestate, and the inventory of his estate was returned to the court on 18 November 1815.

Cumberland County, KY Will Records, B:11-14
Source: FamilySearch

The total value of Jesse’s estate was over $2300. However, quite a bit of that value was in enslaved people. Most of the inventory consists of farming animals and tools, along with household items. However, at the beginning and the end of the inventory, we find:

One Negro man named Peter $500.00.00
One negro woman named Molly $400.00.00
One negro Boy named Jim $200.00.00

and, finally,
One negro man named Andrew $425.00.00
One negro Boy named David $375.00.00

What became of the other four slaves enumerated in 1810, I don’t know. There are no Gee deeds recorded from 1799-1815 in volumes A-B or in from 1815-1822 in volumes C-D.

What is even stranger is that there is no Gee widow, nor a James Gee, nor any Gee at all in Cumberland County in 1820. They must not have owned land and moved on.

Tax records don’t help in this instance as there are gaps in the early Cumberland County lists. The Gees were not listed in 1805, but the next extant year is 1833.





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