Edmund Ingalls of Skirbeck, England & Lynn, MA, died 1648

Much has been written about Edmund Ingalls, who was likely born in or near Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England sometime in the late 1580s or early 1590s. He married Annis “Telbe” on 7 June 1618 in Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England.

I had seen this fact many places online, but could not find any documentation for it. skirbeck parish registers don’t begin until 1661.  I was also particularly suspicious of Telbe as Annis’s surname as it reportedly wasn’t found in any other records in the area.

However, John Brookes Threlfall published an article, “Some English Material Pertaining to Edmund & Francis Ingalls of Lynn, Massachusetts” in The American Genealogist 52:214-243, which laid my concerns to rest. The source of the Ingalls marriage date is not the church registers, but the Bishop’s Transcripts, which date from 1561.

While there was no explanation for the lack of Telbe records, it did mention that Telbe was likely a misspelling of Tealby, a nearby parish. I wonder if Annis’s surname was omitted and should have read Annis (Whoever) of Tealby, but instead just said Annis Telbe? Perhaps the answer won’t ever be known and Annis has become Annis Telbe, whether correct or not.

Another misconception found frequently in write ups about Edmund Ingalls is that the family was in Lynn, Massachusetts by 1628. The Ingalls family was still in Lincolnshire as late as 22 April 1632, when Edmund’s and Annis’s youngest son, Samuel, was baptized there.

Brooks has pieced together a short family history for the Ingalls family.

Robert Ingalls was born c1560s, probably in or near Skirbeck. He married Elizabeth (MNU), c1587. They had five known children:

  1. Edmund, the immigrant, born c1588; married Annis Telbe, 7 Jun 1618, Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England; died before 16 September 1648, when his will was probated. Annis survived Edmund and married (2)
  2. Robert, born c1590; died after 1617; married Alice Snape, 11 July 1613, Boston, Lincolnshire, England
  3. ?Edith, baptized 29 July 1592; died before 1617; married Ambrose Stynytt, 19 May 1612, Boston, Lincolnshire, England
  4. Francis, born c1595; died c1672, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; married (1) Bridget Vaughan, 27 November 1621, Boston, Lincolnshire, England (2) Mary (MNU), who survived him.
  5. [—-]se, daughter of Robert, buried July 1604, Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England, possibly Rose.

Both Edmund and Francis Ingalls immigrated to Massachusetts, reportedly by 1628. Francis may have left England sooner than Edmund. Edmund, however, arrived sometime after 1632, as he was the Skirbeck church warden that year and his son, Samuel, was baptized there the same year.

  1. Elizabeth, bp. 28 February 1618/19; died 9 June 1676, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts; married Rev. Francis Dane
  2. Robert, bp. 13 July 1620; buried 3 January 1698, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; married Sarah Harker, c1646. She died 6 April 1696, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
  3. Faith, bp. 14 July 1622; died before 1692, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts; married Andrew Allen, c1645
  4. John, bp. 9 May 1624; died 31 December 1721, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Barrett, 26 May 1667, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
  5. Sarah, bp. 16 July 1626; married William Bickner, found in error as Bitner.
  6. Henry, born c1628; died 8 February 1718/19, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts; married (1) Mary Osgood, 6 July 1653, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts (2) Sarah Farnum, 1 August 1687. Sarah was the widow of George Abbott.
  7. Samuel, 20 January 1628; Could this entry in the Bishops’ Transcript be an error for Henry’s baptism? No burial is recorded for Samuel.
  8. Samuel, 22 April 1632; died before 22 January 1717, when his will was proved; married Ruth Eaton, 9 December 1656, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
  9. Mary, born c1634; living 1646 at the time of her father’s will

Edmund’s life came to an end due to an accident. He was reportedly riding horseback when, in March 1648,  he crossed a defective bridge over the Saugus River on a trip to Boston and both he and his horse fell in the water. He almost drowned, but never recovered from the accident and his will was probated on 16 September 1648.

In the intervening months between the accident and his death, he wrote a will, which he signed with his X:

Will of Edmund Ingalls

I, Edmund Ingalls of Linne, being of perfect memory comit my soule to God, my body to the grave and dispose of my Earthly goods in this wise,

ffirstly I make my wife Ann Ingalls, sole Exectrix: leauing my house & houslot together with ye Stock of Cattle and Corne wth her. Likewise, I leaue Katherine Skipper with my wife.  

Ite., I bequeath to Robert my sonne & heire, foure pound to be payd in two yeers time by my wife, either in Cattle, or Corne; likewise, I bequeath to him or to his heires, my house & houselot after the decease of my wife.

Likewise I bequeath to Elizabeth my daughter, twenty shillings to be payd by my wife in a Heifer calf in two yeers time after my decease.

Likewise to my daughter Faith, wife to Andrew Allin, I bequeath two yeerling calues, and injoyne my wife to pay to him forty shillings debt in a yeers time after my decease.

Likewise to my Sonne John I bequeath the house & ground that was Jerimy fitts, lying by the Meeting house, only out of it the sd John is to pay wthin four yeers foure pound to my sonne Samuel, and the ground to be his security; further I leaue wth the sd John that three Acres of land he hath in England fully to possess & Enjoy.

Likewise, I giue to Sarah my daughter, wife to william Bitnar (sic) (should be Bickner) my two Ewes.

Likewise to Henry my sonne I giue the House that I bought of Goodman west, & Six acres of ground, lying to it, & three acres of marsh ground lying at Rumly Marsh, and this the sd henry shall possesse in two yeers after my decease, Only out of this the sd Henry shall pay to Samuel my Sonne foure pound wthin two yeers after he Enters upon it.

Likewise I bequeath to Samuel my Sonne Eight pound wch is to be discharged as above, in the proomisses.

Lastly, I leaue with mary the heifer Calfe that formerly she enjoyed and leaue her to my wife for future dowry.

Finally, I appoint Francis Ingalls my brother, & Francis Dane my sonne in Law overseers of my will, and order that those things that haue no particular Exemption in the will mentioned be taken away presently after my decease: I intreat my overseers to be helpful to my wife for ordering these matters.

Edmund (X) Ingalls
His Mark

Witness: William Morton, Francis Dane, Francis Ingols
Essex County Quarterly Court Files, Volume 1, Leaf 103.

First, who was Katherine Skipper, “left” to Ann Ingalls? It appears Katherine Skipper married (1) John Maverick in Boston on 9 April 1656 and (2) John Johnson, 1680. Katherine Johnson’s death is recorded in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts ” died 29 August 1708, killed by ye enemy” in her 70th year, putting her birth about 1639. I have found nothing to identify the relationship between Katherine Skipper and the Ingalls family. Perhaps she had been bound to the family, but if so, she married at the young age of about 17, which is unusual for this time period in New England.

Mary is recognized as a daughter of Edmund Ingalls, but it is curious to me that Edmund carefully identified his other children as a son or daughter, but didn’t so the same with Mary. Apparently, Mary was so young that her father decided it best that his wife determine her legacy at some point in the future.

The inventory of Edmund Ingalls’s estate(Leaf 104) noted Kather Skeper, 50li and Mary Ingols lefte to her mother the executrix for her porchon.





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  1. We are related! Edmund Ingalls is my 10x-great-grandfather through his son Henry. Small world after all! Very informative post.

  2. Norman Ingalls, originally of grand manan nb canada, now grande prairie alberta canada, share edmund ingalls as an ancestor from skirbeck lincolnshire. august 19 2021

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