A New EBay Treasure from Meddybemps

I love trolling EBay looking for genealogical treasures. It is a huge online antique store where rare items can be found, often for a very reasonable cost.

Annie Maude Stewart/Stuart’s family (my great grandmother) lived in Charlotte and Meddybemps, Washington County, Maine for almost a century, from 1820 to 1920. The two towns share a boundary line:

Stewart and Carlisle Cousins, c1881

They were and have always been very small villages. Meddybemps at its peak in 1860 was home to about 300 souls. Today, there are about 150 residents. Charlotte’s high population was in 1850 with about 700 people. Today, it less than half of that at about 330.

In some ways, little has changed over the years in Meddybemps and Charlotte. They have remained quiet little communities, surrounded by trees and lakes. I don’t think there is much farming there anymore and Calais remains the “big” city “down the road apiece.”

EBay is my “go to” place for vintage items from early Maine and I’ve slowly built a collection of old postcards. Some buildings still stand today, while others are not only long gone, but nature has reclaimed what once was cleared land.

Here are two of the Meddybemps scenes I’ve purchased:

I even found a postcard of my Stuart/Stewart family’s summer place on Meddybemps Lake!

Cousin Bertha is standing in the doorway, c1910. She had just graduated from high school. I was fortunate enough to meet Bertha when she lived in Chatham, Massachusetts in the 1980s:

I am now the proud owner of yet another scene of Meddybemps from the same 1910 time period:

If this scene is somewhere along Main Street, then I think these buildings are gone. However, there are a number of side roads that the Google car didn’t travel so there is a possibility this house is still there.

I am hoping to be in touch with someone local who might recognize it – they might even know who owned the house since homes are often called names like “the old Stuart place.”

I try to regularly remind my readers to check out EBay. Where else would I be likely (living in Tucson) to find treasures like these?

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