Win a RootsTech 2019 Pass!

RootsTech 2019 will be here before you know it and here is an opportunity to win a registration pass valued at $299!

Why should you attend? Here are a few great reasons, plus one huge bonus:

  1. RootsTech 2019 is FOUR fabulous days long!
  2. Over 300 class sessions presented by top notch speakers to extend your genealogy education.
  3. Hear world class Keynote Speakers
  4. Visit the Expo Hall, which is ginormous!
  5. Learn about new genealogically-related technology at the Innovation Showcase.
  6. Make new friends and meet up with old ones.

Bonus: Spend some time in the Family History Library

Here is your chance to CONNECT and BELONG.

Where else can you spend four entire days talking nothing but genealogy with kindred spirits?

As an official RootsTech 2019 ambassador, I have one RootsTech 2019 pass to give away in a contest.

What’s included in the pass? 300+ class sessions, keynotes, the Expo Hall, opening and closing events, lounge and learn events and the Innovation Showcase.

What is NOT included in the pass? Computer labs, printed syllabus, extra-fee workshops, hotels, meals, and transportation to/from the conference.

Contest Rules:

  1. Contest opens today and closes on 31 October 2018 at midnight (Pacific time). Winner will be announced on 1 November 2018 on this blog.
  2. More than one entry may be submitted, but no more than one per day per person (total of ten possible entries from 22 October through 31 October 2018.)
  3. Entry number one must be a comment on this post: First line must say: RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry (so I can be sure it is a contest entry and not just a general comment from a reader) and then explain either why you would like to attend RootsTech or share a class or two that you would most like to attend.
  4. If you choose to enter this contest more than once, read one or more of my past posts (up to a total of nine past posts for the nine possible extra contest entries) and leave a comment. The first line again needs to be: RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry and then add your comment.
  5. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted with instructions.
  6. Odds of winning depend upon number of entries received.
  7. No purchase necessary and void where prohibited by law.

Note: If you have already pre-registered for RootsTech 2019 and you are the winner, instructions will be provided for obtaining a full refund.

Good Luck!

18 thoughts on “Win a RootsTech 2019 Pass!”

  1. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    Roots Tech is so large and exciting I am not sure where to start. As time gets closer I will make a plan and try not to follow too many shiny objects. The first thing is to orient myself to the convention center and the class areas. I would like to learn more about breaking down brick walls and a bit on understanding and using DNA. The newest subject for me is learning how to write up all of the information I have and sourcing it so it is interesting to someone other then me.

  2. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I love Roots Tech! It’s not only a great place to learn about everything genealogy, but the best place to meet and network with everyone in the genealogy world!

  3. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I have been to many genealogy conventions over the years, but nothing compares with Rootstech. It is an experience that you can only understand if you have been there. While I have been researching my family line for a long time, I find that I learn something new each time I go. It has made me a life time learner.

  4. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I have been to many genealogy conventions over the years, but nothing compares with Rootstech. It is an experience that you can only understand if you have been there. I enjoy the DNA classes the most.

  5. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    The article on the black sheep in the family was fun to read and chock full of information. There are so many places to find our not so “nice” ancestors. When I was searching for my Black Sheep I ran into a stumbling block. I knew the records were there, newspapers confirmed his conviction, but he was no where in the court records. Then the breakthrough occurred, normally his trial would have taken place in Superior Court but for some reason the trial took place in County Court…go figure. It only goes to show not to give up.

  6. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the last 4 Rootstechs. People frequently ask me for help with their family history issues – anything from a simple ‘how do I … on FamilySearch,’ to “how can I find out how this (famous person) is related to my family” They are amazed that I understand a lot about family history. I always point out all of the learning opportunities that are available – webinars, The Family History Guide, Classes, Conventions – especially the biggest and best of them all, Rootstech! The knowledge is available for those who put out the effort to gain it. (But the real reason is that Rootstech is so much fun!)

  7. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I just read the post about how animals are part of our families. It’s a great idea to incorporate their stories into our family history. I know some of the animals that have lived with me know more of my secrets then any human ever had. I have pictures of all of them; now I will be sure to write their stories as well.

  8. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I found the article on what to do during the dog days of summer. I know I am a little late but being from NE it still feels like summer. There were so many great ideas and links that if I followed them all I would be busy till next summer. GeneaWebinars Calendar is a great site to listen to FREE Webinars…Got to love those free sites. I also poked around Genealogy Gems, great site but the music was a bit much.

  9. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I would love to win a pass to Rootstech. I want to learn from the speakers, vendors and attendees. There are so many resources that I am sure are available and I want to learn more about them and how I can use them to find my ancestors.

  10. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    Just filled out the Halloween survey. Not sure how correct it was but it was fun. It said I was a misanthrope, wow that was a surprise. I might be a bit of a cynic, but a hater of mankind; nope!
    It also said I liked to be frightened, nothing could be farther from the truth. Happy Halloween!

  11. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    My first opportunity to visit was last year but I have been watching the broadcasted portions for years online. It was so great that I am hooked to the opportunity to attend conferences every time I get the opportunity.

  12. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    The information on the different kind of censuses was the first time I had heard of mortuary schedules. They cover years that are sometimes blank pages so I will incorporate these schedules in my research.

  13. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    Would love to attend RootsTech 2019. I find it helps me to connect with the relatives of my past to understand their stories trials, failures and successes. This gives me a better vision of who I am and what has shaped my life to become the person I am.

  14. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    Just read through the ” Polish Research for Family History Research” A great place to start my research. Since I had no idea where to start this will really be of help.



  15. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry.

    I attended RootsTech for the first time this year and it was wonderful. I’ve learned so much this year that I’m looking forward to sitting in on a few more advanced courses this time around!

  16. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry

    I first attended RootsTech with a friend last year. We are very excited about the prospect of attending again this year. There is nothing quite like a conference to reinvigorate yourself! It’s also amazing to spend four days with people who actually WANT to hear stories about random dead people. (No one even rolls their eyes or pretends they just got a phone call!) I’m looking forward to hearing Maureen Taylor talk about “Outside the Frame: Telling the Full Story of Your Photographs” and Kenyatta Berry’s personal story of “Jumping off a cliff: How to pursue your dreams”

  17. RootsTech 2019 Contest Entry
    Just read the post on getting ready to research in the FHL. I loved the tip about having an owners folder on each thumb drive. I have several family lines I can search each in a different location so the question is where do I start before I even start.
    Happy Halloween !!!!!

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