Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Sporting Activities

It’s a rainy Saturday in Tucson – yes, we do get rain in the desert and we’ve actually had quite a bit of it in the last month – so I am glad that it’s time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with Randy Seaveron Genea-Musings.

This week’s challenge:

1)  What sporting activities did you participate in as a youth and as an adult?

All the non-stop sports activities that kids do today didn’t exist back when I was little, which was probably a good thing because I didn’t and don’t consider myself to be terribly athletic.

Water sports were pretty much my main activity. Mom made sure I was signed up at the YMCA for swimming lessons from the time when I was quite young. I don’t remember exactly when I started lessons, but I had been taking them for years by the time we moved when I was 11. I still have my last membership card:

Swimming was a skill that came in handy since we spent several weeks on two lakes in New England with family!

When I was 12, I learned to waterski on Little Sebago. I had tried and tried the week before on Lake Winnipesaukee, but never got up out of the water. Grandfather was very patient in his motor boat and kept letting me try over and over again until I finally made it.

Once I made it up and away, I loved waterskiing and even learned to slalom ski. All my friends knew to to waterski, too, and once, my uncle took four of us out skiing at the same time. There are really four of us here, but one person is hidden behind the skier on the far left:

Expert Skiers Having a Great Time

Thanks, Randy, for a trip down Memory Lane with this challenge!


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