Loyalist Walter Stewart: Big Update, Part 3!

If you have been following my posts with all the updated information about Loyalist Walter Stewart, you now know that it seems quite likely that Elizabeth Briggs may have either had no children or had none that survived to adulthood.

Elizabeth herself had died by 1799, perhaps years before that date, when Walter Stewart and wife Sarah (MNU) sold land in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada to Nathaniel Golding.

Because Walter has no known children born before 1785, it may be that he married Sarah (MNU) shortly after arriving in New Brunswick in 1783. Therefore, I am tentatively assuming that Walter and Sarah (MNU) are the parents of the elder set of Stewart children.

Today, I will add information about their grandchildren. To keep the numbering system clear, the names of Walter’s children are in blue. Grandchildren are in black font.

1. John, born 1785, New Brunswick, Canada; died 28 November 1869, Mars Hill, Aroostook County, Maine; married Catherine Carlisle, daughter of Loyalist Robert Carlisle, on 28 December 1814, Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada


1. Son, born 1815-1820; in 1820 census
2. William, born 7 July 1817, New Brunswick, Canada; died 15 Jan 1899, Topsfield, Washington, ME; married (1) Eunice (2) Sarah L. Crabtree, 7 August 1864, Princeton, Washington, ME. William had one daughter, Carrie M.
3. Charles Augustus, born 1 July 1822, Charlotte, Washington, ME; died 24 Nov 1894, Meddybemps, Washington, ME; married Elida Ann Hicks, about 1850. Elida was his first cousin. Charles and Elida were the parents of Wallace Newmarch, Permelia M., Felicia, Harry Weston, Melissa E., Carey M., William C. and Annie Maude. Permelia, Felicia and Carey all died in childhood.
4. Walter, born 15 Aug 1824, Charlotte, Washington, ME; died 13 August 1853, Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME; apparently never married.
5. Robert Nelson, born 31 August 1826, Charlotte, ME; died between October 1869 (the time when daughter Pethiah would have been conceived) and 7 December 1875 when Eliza is called Mrs. Roach; married Eliza Augusta Grass, 16 March 1860, Charlotte, ME. Eliza married (2) James H. Roach, probably 1870-1875 in New Brunswick, Canada (3) John McNutt, 30 December 1896, Vanceboro, Washington, Maine. Robert and Eliza were the parents of four children – Israel D., Elerda (daughter), Clara E., and Pethiah Ellsmore.
6. Nancy Ann, born 19 July 1827, Charlotte, ME; died 7 April 1909, Easton, Aroostook, ME; married Thomas Jenkins. Nancy and Thomas Jenkins also had a large family – Althea, Elvira Louise, Margaret, Howard, Appleton, Silas E., John, Robert Elcander, Eleanor R., Alec W., Olive L. and Hannah.
7. Mary, born 29 July 1828, Charlotte, ME; died 2 October 1907, Oakfield, Aroostook, ME; married Joel Hamilton Howard. Joel and Mary Howard were the parents of Walter, Martha Ann, David Danforth, Lydia Adeline, Emma and Rosa.
8. Abigail, born 25 August 1831, Charlotte, ME; no further information and likely died young.
9. Polly, born 10 October 1833, Charlotte, ME; died 10 November 1833, Charlotte, ME
10. Myrta, born 21 January 1835, Charlotte, ME; died before 1850
11. George A., born 5 February 1838, Charlotte, ME; died 6 July 1892, Bridgewater, Aroostook, ME; unmarried
12. Daughter, born about 1839; died after 1840 but before 1850
13. Eunice, born 31 August 1841; died after 1850; no further record.

2. Walter, born about 1788; reportedly died 1868, Cardwell, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada; married Catherine Myers on 26 March 1814, Sussex, Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada


  1. Elizabeth (Betsey Jane), born c1816; died 15 October 1845, Poverty Hall, Hampton Parish, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; apparently unmarried.
  2. James, born c1818; died August 1858; married Lucinda Robinson, 5 August 1847, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. James and Lucinda had two children, Jane and Eliza.
  3. William H., born c1820; died 20 March 1891, Cardwell Parish, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; married Eliza Graves, 24 December 1853. William and Eliza had four children, Eliza, Marshal, Willie and Annie and one adopted son, perhaps Alexander Kilpatrick, living with the Family in 1871.
  4. Ann, born 1826, Penobsquis, Cardwell Parish, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; no further record.
  5. Mary, born c1828; no further record.
  6. Sarah, born c1831; died after 1881 census; married William M. Clain, c1856. They had three children, Florence, Ida May and Percy Evans.

3. Walter, born June 1789, New Brunswick, Canada; died April 1870, Mars Hill, Aroostook, Maine; perhaps married a Graves. No further info and I can’t find him in any U.S. or Canadian census.

4. Mary, born c1792; died 26 July 1857, Harwich, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married Elisha Stover, 16 August 1814, Sussex, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada.


1. William Henry, born c1813, Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1898, Raleigh, Kent, Ontario, Canada; married Ellen before 1861 census when the family lived in Raleigh. Ellen may be a second wife, as children were Charles 16, Mary Jane 14, Alice 15, Cordelia 16 and Eliza Ann 12, which appears to be a blended family.
2. Peter, born c1814; died 22 June 1879; buried at Springfield Cemetery, Elgin, Ontario, Canada; married Elizabeth Seymore, c1835. Elizabeth died 15 November 1867 and is buried with Peter. Peter and Elizabeth had seven children, George, Jesse, Hannah, Peter, Mary A., Susannah and Edward.
3. Eliza Ann, born 6 May 1815, Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada; died 1885; Upham, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; married James Henry Gray, 29 July 1832, Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. They had eleven children, James Henry, Mary Ann, George Hiram, Sarah Jane, Bathsheba R., Abraham, Benjamin Cecil, William Josiah Frances, Reuben, Rhoda Matilda and Alberta Eliza.
4. John Stewart, born c1828; living in Harwich, Kent, Ontario, Canada in 1861. He was a drover and unmarried at that time. Not found in 1871.
5. James Alfred, born c1830; died 20 March 1875; buried at Pardoville Union Cemetery, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario, Canada; married Almira Pardo (1831-1899). They have seven children – James Walter, William Alex, Alfred Ernest L. Albert, Jasper Cyril, Effa Edna, Amassa Elvira and Emma Celesta.
6. George Hiram, born c1835; working as a laborer in Harwich, Kent, Ontario in 1861; unmarried. Not found in 1871.

5. Ann, born c1795; died 19 August 1824; buried at Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Sussex Corner, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada; married John Prebble, 30 June 1819.


1. Edward, said to have removed to Nova Scotia, Canada, but I haven’t found any trace of him in census records.

This concludes the grandchildren of Walter Stewart by his elder set of children. One more post is coming up about descendants of his second set of children with Althea (Wetmore) (Craft).

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